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    I have a unique server name, though, and was searching under the "unofficial" tab :(

    I've tried adding the IP to my steam favorites and all it says is "Server not responding" despite my status on g-portal for it showing "online" and has for the last couple hours. I've tried reinstalling the server, I've tried deleting it with the little trash bucket and doing a fresh install. I've tried stopping/starting. I've tried restarting. Heck, even tried typing in server name a couple different times in the search bar with appropriate filters such as PVE selected...and I can't find it. Admittedly, really frustrating to not be able even get to try a server I just invested in a day or two ago.

    Anyone else having this issue? Advice on how to fix it? I just want to play with what I've paid for ;(

    I'm also running into the issue of starting the server only to have it toggle into "offline" status about 15 seconds after. I've tried deleting it using the trashcan icon and reinstalling it about 3 times now, with the same results. Not sure what is going on or how to fix it. New to g-portal, came here from survival servers after some rather poor customer service over there despite having been with them for over a year. Hoping here proves to be better!