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    That's not entirely true about not being able to get the hardware same day necessarily. I worked in IT for years and we used distributors that could same day deliver just about anything we needed. We ordered 100 blade servers from a company at 7 am, they were delivered by 11 am, and set up and configured with software pushes by 6 pm. So its possible, i just don't know if its probable. There is also the option of temporarily leasing servers/bandwidth from other providers. Give them a chance, i don't think BradF has slept looking at the tickets he has replied to and posts he has made since launch.

    Sure it is doable... but highly unlikely if they do not have it on hand. Additionally, I currently work in IT and as a Sys Admin. I know full well what it takes to get things implemented, but I cut no slack. This is bad planning and not being prepared. I would be fired for attempting to roll something out this big that we are collecting money for as a service and not being prepared. If you aren't ready... you don't move forward.

    Now that is incorrect. When it comes to adding new hardware you for sure already know some of the answers the community is seeking. Do you have the hardware on hand? If not, then it certainly wouldn't be ready today. At what stage are you in the process? Everything from purchasing the hardware to installing and configuring it. If you have it on hand are you installing or configuring? There is certainly more information that can be provided.

    This is great if FTP to your server actually works. I have been trying to resolve that for 2 days and looks like I will need to open a ticket on it. I have tried both FileZilla and WinSCP. Neither of them are able to establish the connection. FileZilla complains of a TLS issue and WinSCP gets an error that the host isn't listening or something of that nature.

    Nice... they certainly didn't have a problem taking my money to increase the slots even though they couldn't provide the service.

    I have been attempting to setup my new cluster for a few hours now.

    Here is what I have done so far.

    1) Created the Main Server

    2) I chose the option for a 2x2 GPortal map to go with my 40 slots.

    3) Assigned my starter zone for A1. (I only see the one node at the bottom of the map selection)

    3) Edited the basic server information for establishing passwords and renaming server.

    Now I attempt to "add expansion server" and it tells me it is unable to at this time because they are adding new hardware?

    Is everyone else experiencing this as well or do I have something in my thought process incorrect?

    Each time you add an expansion server it will create a new grid with 10 slots. Currently there isn't a way to edit the number of slots per grid. I don't know if that is going to be a possibility down the road or not, that depends on GPortal. So you're spawn grid will be 10 slots, and the adjacent 2 grids you pick will be 10 slots. I'm not sure what it will do with the extra 2 slots you have.

    So... when I am creating the Main Server I will only select to have 10 slots and not the 32?

    That was a great explanation to get things started. Maybe this thread can be a go to for things like this? My server has not been wiped, but maybe it was because it hadn't been shutdown yet.

    When setting up the server with regard to slots. I have deleted my main server and set to reinstall it now. When selecting my "slots" do I opt for the full 32 or does this number need to be spread out? Does it mean 32 people will be allowed inside the entire cluster or is the slot count per section/server?

    This new concept of having added servers brings a complexity to every area for not just the hosting agency (GPortal), but also for those of us managing a cluster. Can we please get a guide established that will walk the owners through the process of setting up the clusters. Some questions that I can think of immediately that I am currently facing.

    1) I currently have a single server that exists of a Freeport spawn location. Now that we can add additional servers for a cluster, is it necessary or recommended that I delete this initial server and begin with a fresh install?

    2) I purchased the ability to have 32 slots with 3 servers. When setting up the cluster do I need to spread those 32 spots over the 3 servers or is it 32 slots per server section?

    3) By having 3 servers does that mean that i am only limited to 3 sections of the map? I see there are several options from a 1x1, 3x3, or even a 15x15. My understanding of things when I purchased was that I would only be able to have 3 sections... IE A1, B1, B2?

    It would be great if there was instructions that would explain this process of how I would go about setting up my cluster and what the limitations are that I need to be considering during setup.

    Is anyone else having issues with gaining access to the server through FTP? I am using FileZilla which is very straight forward. The password and information entered is correct and it keeps gettings rejected for a TLS issue.