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    the only way i have heard so far is to use the cheat panel, and i don't know if that is how you want to run your server or not. Would changing the playerfooddrainmultiplier in the basic settings to something like .2 slow down the process?

    I am trying to update my slots, i have 15 and want more, but the drop down is only allowing me to choose less than 15, I cant find where i go to actually add more slots and i do have credits in order to do this. Anyone know what to do? do i delete my server then re- add it with more slots?

    How did you get the server to stay online? I have tried everything for hours, including ticket submit. I have deleted the server and re installed as advised about 10 times. And yes I have submitted a ticket which generated a generic response that didn’t encompass the issue, so hoping to get help from people with same problem.

    Same here, i suspect that support isn't in or very busy today, as it is the weekend. Also, i deleted my server and reinstalled it, now, i have 2 servers in my "my servers" list, both of them coming online and dropping, over and over. one is standard and the other one is i guess a stock version. At this point i have no idea whats going on. I'm willing to wait but i replied to the response on my ticket and haven't heard back and that has been several hours. My server is located on the East Coast NA location. Yours?

    I am not sure, but it may be suspect. I was able to access and play on my server 5 hours ago as well, i logged into the portal, saw the update alert and tried to update the server to no avail. Deleted the server (it finally allowed me to), reinstalled, it updated, now it goes online for 30 seconds and fails to stay online, just goes back to offline. I submitted a ticket, just waiting to see if there is a fix.