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    Who in their right mind drops that much per month on a game? Ive been as nice about this whole thing as I intend to be. I will be keeping my 10 Ark slots, and refunding the rest of my account. I'll take my chances on official.

    Haddie, if you are playing with a large group, do what we are doing, we did the math and came up with 20 slots at $1.13 per slot times 12 is 13.56, so we charged each person who reserved a slot from the guild 14 dollars, they donated to the donation link and are paid up for a year. Not bad if you add that 14 to 25, its less than 40, which is less than a Triple A game title.

    If we go with the 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 fun servers instead of going with the Atlas 14x14 server... will we have the content the 14x14 provides? Will we be able to do end game content? Like the mini bosses and main boss etc.

    So far yeah, we got one of the gems from a ghost ship convoy last night and ran into some mobs that weren't in the starter area, and we did manage one of the discoveries, there are 3 discoveries to unlock on the one zone and its showing 1 to unlock on the second zone, but i dont know just how many there are in game or if more unlock at certain levels and stuff

    That is aweseme and I got my Mt Dew and working on my Ini files so they are set how I want for my home server to be able to radiate them out to my additional servers . Was wanting more of a answer of It will be sometime today or we are looking at after the 1st of the year to get more hardware. I am fine with either answer just want to give my crew peace of mind.

    Hey Wildfires, It seems that my server is locked in PvP mode, I have followed the instructions you and ChaosGeneral have set forth, copying the config folder from Shooter to my Game servers folder, but even configured, saved uploaded and updated, harvest rates aren't changing. Now i did notice that after copying the files over, i had twice as may options showing up in the extended settings in the control panel, but it seems that changing anything there doesn't actually affect the file. I simply cannot get the server to change to PvE mode. Where is that setting located? Which .ini file? Thanks to you and the gang for all your tremendous help.

    On a related note lol, there are merchant ships sailing around, we didnt try to attack them, the treasure maps now work properly instead of a black screen, the Actual Ghost ships travel in packs, during the day, you see their wakes, and not them, when the sun goes down, you have until dawn to take them out or they despawn, which is a lot tougher to do that we imagines, it destroyed a fully rigged, crewed and gunned galleon like it was a row boat, 100k health and the convey was 6 of them traveling in a row. But, Dracos (dragons made short work of them (which a certain mod is gonna love knowing). the game ran like silk, our ping never went about 48, no rubberbanding no matter how stupid we got. Its a whole new game from the freeport only stuff. Hope you have fun mate.

    Yes, Power Stones are on my 2x1 server, killing the blue ghost ships seems to have given us one (it placed it on the lower right stone holder on our compasses. Fire elementals are as well, along with some other crazy things. From what we saw exploring the map regions, just about everything in the game appears to be in these custom all biome maps.

    For those who are waiting, I waited most of the day not due to G-Portal, but the game, the update, the hardware etc. Let me tell you, its sooo worth the wait, the game is gorgeous, runs so smooth and with the community folks helping solve things like ChaosGeneral and daernrts7, you will get there in time. Make sure you assign all the servers the start areas or your server will not show up. That's important and i missed that feature and it cost me some time so double check everything, if you are unsure, check the forums for a related thread and ask, you got some great folks on the forum here and an awesome support team. For folks who have the simple 2x1 map, it doesn't disappoint. Happy Sails.

    Thanks General, this is why you outrank me 8o

    i feel bad for them because soo many people are raging that they can't play yet (i get to hear it as well from frustrated guildies)

    Yeah, Totally, i went over to the Devs Twitter and asked them to slow down on the "Hopefully this fixes the issue" micro patches. Since Fallout 76's epic crash and burn, i guess they are paranoid about the lack of communication and transparency, fearing the same fate. No need to rage on the team here cause it simply isnt their fault.

    totally understand, tbh i'm amazed it only took them an hour to reply to my ticket. The entire support team must be eating TUMS like candy

    Yeah, they are signing tickets "Your tired, but happy, GPORTAL team" - I'm sticking with these guys, they worked thru Christmas, have responded fast to every ticket, helped when they didn't have to. Not many hosting sites out there can boast about that and i've tried a ton of them.

    so i'm dumb and never added expansion servers to my main server, my first time doing this so maybe it's my fault and that what was messing it up, who knows? Now that i try to add the extra ones it will not let me because it says they are adding new hardware lolz

    Nah, you aren't dumb bro, there is so much going on, im gonna get donations together to get the exhausted support team here a pizza and beer.

    Also, between the hardware upgrade and the updating to 7.9 you see on the launcher, it may be a while. However, they have been honest about restarting the timer for when we were downtimed. Best of luck mate

    Yeah, i think id rather have like an update every three or four days that have been tested and resolved than 2 or 3 micro updates a day that create new issues cause they havent been tested. At least the game was playable if you didnt go out to sea (no reason to really cept to farm drops). Im Sure The support team here would love a break from the micro updates as well

    Yeah, the Aussies would love you mate, i play ESO with them and your pings are horrible so i see a lot of support, ill send any of my guildies from AU your way. Also, you can copy your link for donating instead of granting admin to folks, would be a lot better so you dont regret it later. Best of luck.

    Well, when the game devs talked to the G-Portal and other hosting sites, they weren't forthcoming as to how things were going to work, thus the issues we are having now, trust me, it was as much of a surprise to G-Portal as it is to you and all of us. With that being said its like 21 dollars for 20 slots and you get all the Biomes with 20 slots and an expansion server, which unlocks the level 8 cap and all of that. You have a donation link that you can paste to the folks who play and charge them a couple bucks to play. It beats everyone paying something like 14.99 a month to play other games and you are in control of the server. Not to mention the ability to mod once they release the SDK for the game. Its like find 20 people and have them donate 14 dollars each and your server is paid for a year.

    Yeah, i am just going to leave it alone, BradF replied to my ticket and let me know they are working on it, it may make it harder for them to do if i'm spamming restart server. So, i'm gonna chill til i hear an announcement from the team.

    thru the donate feature i believe. If i go to my profile by clicking it in the lower left corner, it brings me to my profile page that has a donate and contact feature, i copied the url and get this,…77f4e7bef/CaptainSlaymore, which should bring people to my dontate page, im sure there is an easier way.

    Edit - It wont let you donate to yourself if you click your own link lol. You can find the url to share in the settings cog beneath your avatar pic in lower left on the control panel page and its listed in the User Account tab.