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    Since this latest Client Update, we are experiencing rubberbanding like the original official servers, pings over 200 (up from the usual 48 that we usually get), settings still not applying properly from the Control Panel, Servers not being seen for some, Servers being listed twice after a restart (server restart) - Anyone else having these issues or did i miss a fix / setting? Thanks guys.

    Its a thing, i don't know why it is or whats up with it. I do know that my Friends in Hong Kong and Latvia have to use a VPN to see it, they can see it and joining, but I have friends in Wisconsin who can't see it without a VPN as well. No idea, on the Atlas Twitter they said that this latest patch was supposed to address these issues.

    Also, you dont want to lower the slots, you want to raise them to 20, if you have the slots at 10 thinking you are reserving them for the ext server, that's not how it works. Right now with the 10 of 20 setting, its going to look and say half of 10 is five, i need 10 so minimum slots reached. When you crank it up to 20, it will say half of 20 is 10, i need 10 we are all set. So, crank your available slots up to 20 or you are not gonna be able to install the ext server.

    is add an ext server green on the control panel or set to coming soon? You have to have all 20 slots available, like showing 20 of 20 slots so that the ext server will see you have the slots to add it. Are you getting any red messages like Hardware unavailable or minimum slots reached? need some info so we can help you

    I really don't know, but from what i understand, i pre-ordered everything, and there has been a lot of misunderstanding, including on my part. Like the 20 slots gets split up to 10/10, so even i had to buy more slots. Then, there are folks buying way more slots than i think they will need as well, so there is that, how do you calculate how much you need when say you are basing it on faulty information and on pre-order sales. There is just no way to know if when you launch the ext servers that 1000 people will show up and buy you out. It happens everywhere everyday somewhere. So I totally get your frustration and understand 100% where you are coming from mate, but unless there are stats that you can reliably go by, static as it were, to can't plan for dynamics like sudden demand or changing requirements. It's like an all you can eat buffet, they have tons of food, but are they prepared for 25 buses full of very hungry over eaters swinging in for a snack?

    So basically I have nothing.....until they add stuff.....I know I know but I have spent the last week convincing everyone on my servers to give up other games, merging a second cloud and adding time to it, so that we could migrate to the stars align and there is no expansions....if I go with a one grid, then it will wipe everything when I add expansions later, at least that's what I think it says. Not losing my mind here, but its frustrating.

    I totally understand man, but the payoff is amazing. if you guys want to, ill give you the info and password to join my private and let you guys see what its like, its only a 2x1 but more than happy to grant cheats to you guys and let you wreck havoc on it for a while to vent and not lose hope.

    Did you change any of the settings in the basic/extended tab in the control panel? If so, like the clamp server ex levels, anything like that, change them back to the default settings while the server is offline, then try starting it again. Its worth a shot

    Oh shoot, i forgot this one

    Go to your local game folder, something like c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/ATLAS/Shooter Game/Saved and delete lastserverconnectionstringcache file, cause if you are connecting, its looking at that file, plus you said you deleted your server and reinstalled it. Try that and see if it clears out the way it looks for the server.

    Sure it is doable... but highly unlikely if they do not have it on hand. Additionally, I currently work in IT and as a Sys Admin. I know full well what it takes to get things implemented, but I cut no slack. This is bad planning and not being prepared. I would be fired for attempting to roll something out this big that we are collecting money for as a service and not being prepared. If you aren't ready... you don't move forward.

    I understand, but, if you were working with a game developer that told you "Hey, you can host our game, here are the specs" then the specs turn out to be "Oh crap, if a Customer wants the full game as a private server, the whole map, its gonna cost them 40 thousand dollars a month, lets figure it out" and because the original deal turned out to be a nightmare, your plans for the hardware you need turns out to be insufficient. So, i get what you are saying, but Australia just got their hardware and the extended servers are up there, in less than 24 i think they are gonna pull it off before the first.

    Ok, so you have the server set up and online, the extended server set up and online, map selected, zones for the cluster assigned, and you have named it something you can find? Now, when searching for the server from atlas, at the top where the search bar is, choose all modes, down at the bottom left, you have Unofficial selected. Type the server name in the search bar, (some say case sensitive, others say not) case sensitive and search. Also, we found this out last night, if you are in certain countries, you need a vpn to connect, my friend in HK could not find the server, connected to pour VPN it popped up before she finished typing the server name. Dunno, just know it worked after hours of trying.

    I ran into this issue yesterday. When searching for your server, make sure you have "all modes" selected at the top, as well as "unofficial" in the drop down box. Type in the first part of your server name in the search bar, and be case sensitive. It should pop up. Right now the PVE setting doesn't appear to be working. So even if you have PVE enabled, it's still going to show up as PVP. This resolved my issue very quickly for me, hope it works for you.

    Exactly right - Searching by IP in the search bar will not yield results. If you have an extended server, ensure that the map is chosen, and that for both you have you have selected a zone area from the drop down, if you miss one or don't set it, your server will show as online in the control panel but Atlas will never find it.

    I cannot get the server to go into PvE mode, no matter what i do, i don't know which config or ini file holds that setting, but the basic and extended settings aren't saving when you change them from the control panel. Any advice out there? I have copied the config folder to the server folders as per instructed and it worked on some of the settings after i changed the settings inside, but the pvp/pve thing has got me stumped

    Now that is incorrect. When it comes to adding new hardware you for sure already know some of the answers the community is seeking. Do you have the hardware on hand? If not, then it certainly wouldn't be ready today. At what stage are you in the process? Everything from purchasing the hardware to installing and configuring it. If you have it on hand are you installing or configuring? There is certainly more information that can be provided.

    That's not entirely true about not being able to get the hardware same day necessarily. I worked in IT for years and we used distributors that could same day deliver just about anything we needed. We ordered 100 blade servers from a company at 7 am, they were delivered by 11 am, and set up and configured with software pushes by 6 pm. So its possible, i just don't know if its probable. There is also the option of temporarily leasing servers/bandwidth from other providers. Give them a chance, i don't think BradF has slept looking at the tickets he has replied to and posts he has made since launch.