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    I switched to A1 on our grid, uninstalled locally, got back on, the mod wasn't there anymore. However, once I switched to A2, the mod reinstalled and loaded again... I'm guessing there are actually 4 FTP servers, 1 for each part of our 2x2 map. The info to login seems to just be the A1 server. Any thoughts on how to purge this thing completely?

    Does anybody know how to uninstall mods? I tried removing the ID from the mod Id list and deleting the mod folder on FTP, no luck...

    I added the MultiVitamin mod, it has a problem where it turns ATLAS fertilizer into ARK fertilizer and ATLAS gunpowder into ARK gunpowder. I would avoid it for now.

    I have started creating a Google doc reference for server admin commands, item/animal spawn codes, and other information...

    We've been using admin commands to fix / re-spawn things that are lost due to the many bugs in this game or not available on the g-portal servers.

    This info is pretty hard to find online since the game is so new. I got a lot of these item and animal codes by digging thru FTP folders.

    I hope this helps some of you....…n54OQNF0/edit?usp=sharing

    Reply with any useful info and I can add it. I will be modifying the document over time.

    We couldn't find any on our 2x2 either. After searching every single island, we thought it was fair to just admin spawn some seeds in and do it with farming:

    Bring up the command console (default key is tilde I think) and run these commands:

    enablecheats (YourAdminPassword)

    cheat gfi Turnip_Seed 10 0 0

    When we tame something that comes out to level 41 or lower (usually lvl 28-29 max base level), you can actually level the animal up with experience. If you tame a level base level 30 and it comes out over lvl 41, it can't actually gain any experience. We have the taming at x5, so maybe that level isn't possible at x1 because of affinity so they didn't account for it?