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    So my crew and I traveled to our Second grid and my skill points are now in the Negative. I double checked the FTP Folders and everything is right but I dont see a folder B3 (second Server/Expansion Server) whereas my Home Server is located in B2 and I see a folder labeled as such. Gonna try and travel back to B2 and see if the points are still in the negative later today.

    hey everyone,

    So my crew and I crossed into my Expansion server and i noticed that my Skill Points were in the negative again. Now I followed the Engram Points thread and my Home Server worked perfectly. Crossing into this one I worried i did something wrong so i went back to my FTP and I noticed the Folders might be incorrect. So on my FTP, i have 30_B1, 40_B2, and 40_C1. My Clusters Im using are only 2 servers and on the Map i placed them on B2 (Home Server) and B3 (Expansion Server). Am I crazy or am I missing the B3 Folder on my FTP? The 30_B1 and 40_B2 both have Config Folders and their files and are edited. The 40_C1 Folder does not have a Config Folder. Should I create one and copy over information even though Im not using the C1 Grid on my map?

    I'll give this a try right now and report back. Thanks.

    Until we can figure out a value that will work and end up with a overall gain of skill points I don't recommend anyone changing skill points on their server. It's good for the early levels however, you'll have 100+ skill points at level 20 instead of 50.

    Ah is this the thing that ties into folks having negative Skill Points or is that something separate? Either way I'll roll back these changes. Still a well done job and thank you and the others providing great help.

    Hey just wanted to give a suggestion or maybe someone has the answer but on the Maps when we select them, can the pictures so which grids have the Freeports and are basically the Starting island?

    I set up a 4x4 Map and chose the b2 and b3 grids. Home server is set to B2 which has a Freeport on it but no NPCs nor any fresh water so, yay survival lol.

    Just a bit of friendly labeling on these maps would be greatly helpful. Also if anyone else has suggestions lets use this thread to help keep the ideas coming.

    Question which i hope is still on topic.

    Is there a command ingame or however to GIVE skill points?

    i ask because I have folks that will be missing out on these new Skill Point increments because they are at a high level and dont want to reroll just to get to these new points. So I was wanting to give them Skill Points that they would have missed out on because Im a nice guy lol.