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    I'm still getting timed out . This is ridiculous. Could someone from g portal please get on the hotline to studio wildcard

    and ask what the hell is going on please !!!!

    Again it isnt and wasnt Atlas, it was G-Portal. Learn to read

    Dont get your hopes up, if its late go to bed. Dont lose sleep and stress over it, they will take their time no matter what we all have to say. They have our money so why should they care? :D

    Patch just dropped and btw it was G-Portal not Atlas... I was able to join all other servers and official... xD

    They are based in Germany. I did see a post in the forums for more reps so they should be adding more people to help with the workload and possibly get people in different time zones. That should help with the response times. Until then they are working as hard as they can getting everything done. I know it dose not help your situation in the immediate but they are trying. you can however join my server until they fix yours if you like my site is in my signature.

    Stop defending this $%$# hosting site, they broke our servers after we had them working 3 times now. When they "Help" they break it, when they dont they break it and now they want more money? what a joke

    To add to the Players tab in the settings...

    Make a whitelist so that if someone makes their server public they can whitelist the main people. This will automatically kick randoms for those main people to always be able to log in. Sounds mean, but its needed. Ark has it so it shouldnt be too hard.

    Good luck getting any refund, I've requested it 3 times in tickets and they've brushed it off. I've got my server to work for about 1 whole hour that I purchased 2 weeks ago at launch. I'll surely NEVER in a million years do this again or recommend anyone to this company. Reading the replies on this post alone makes me realize even more how shady things are around ole G-portal. They take your money and only after the fact tell you your product isn't available, check back shortly.

    I both agree and disagree... Today BradF (aka WolfDoc) started fixing our server, opened 5 of our 9 grids... But went silent 6-9 hours ago and now my server doesnt work at all... Said something about "Using their own fixes..."

    BradF (aka WolfDoc) has been messaging us through tickets and has been in our server trying to fix our grids. Yesterday he/she got 5 working, today they stopped replying to us for about 6-9 hours now... I cant keep my server online at all now and we just want to play what we paid for... This is REALLY getting under my skin now, I have tried to stay calm and I'm just too tired to keep a smile about all this... At first I loved the hands on Admin stuff, but now its just silence...

    He wasn't referring to Electronic Arts, he was referring to "Early Access" which is normally a bug filled state of a game's development cycle. Some games in early access are better in this department than others.

    Thank you for telling me, I was SUPER confused... xD

    A lot of us are having issues. It's not entirely the fault of the site however. Instead of playing the blame game, simply wait it out and be patient. As the mods of the site have said multiple times the game isn't set up or run like any other game they've hosted before. They are going into this blindly, and aren't getting the feedback from the game developers that's necessary. If you don't want to be patient, then don't invest in an EA game.

    This isnt an EA game... o_o

    Also It is the sites fault for not being prepared before doing all of this and I am patient. We have all been patient for almost what a week? More?

    If you want to hump the company thats fine, you do you. :p

    Finally had the nerve to pass through to other servers and worked this time around. so I'm all set for the moment

    Glad your stuff is working, we have a whole new error now... This site is so bugged...

    None of us can even get on ANY of our server grids AT ALL. This is BEYOND stupid and we are tired of the crashes. Answer your player base, answer you tickets and stop leaving us to guess whether we wasted money and time. Answer someone! Why is it at Network Failure?!

    I cant sadly, they all say online and they all have the grid cord already. Now my server is having network failures.... G-Portal needs to fix their <profanity deleted>