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    ive searched every tundra island anyone found any or is it not on the map? also im only getting genric sap out of beehives anyone else had this?

    ive given up on hosting im over to be honest im just gonna cancel there are some really good private servers up and running im just going there this is ridiculous haven't been able to play on my server for 1 freaking day without shit like this..

    i cant seem to join my server since the update sigh i just wanna play the game for 1 day lol

    is taming working on everyone's server? we cant seem to tame anything also when we walk up to a creature the grey text with tame requirements is missing ?

    hello everyone, here are some helpful confirmed working settings I'm currently using on my server they only need to be placed in ( shootergame/saved /config and shootergame/saved/40_a1 (Or whatever your grid is.) Please note that i think they are having issues at the moment were all the grids should have there own folder but they don't so the settings will only apply to the servers you place the config folder in, If anyone knows a fix would be great enjoy!.

    (insert into game.ini)


    OverridePlayerLevelEngramPoints=25 (increases skill point gain per level)

    PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7]=5 (increases player weight per level)

    (insert into gameusersettings.ini)



    Message=write your message here.


    i've really tried to avoid making another post but i've legit been sitting here for hours trying to work out whats wrong without hope, i have a 4x4 server with 7 available grids currently,and every time i boot my server it goes up no problem but as soon as i try to travel to a server(grid) thats not spawn region my game crashes like the server is not up, when i try relog i can get in becuase my character has drowned but as soon as i try recross the border i crash again its driving me nuts only been an issue since the multiplier fix, to note i changed to the 3x3 grid and had no problem im assuming its an issue with the 4x4 map currently? a reply would be greatly apreciated

    Anyone having problems with joining there server since the multiplier fix? i reinstalled my map wiped my server and i could join but as soon as i try to leave free port region my game crashes and i cant rejoin unless i wipe my server and spawn in a home region again, curios if its something iv'e done or if others are experiencing this thanks.

    Anyone having issues with connection to host error when trying to join there server since the multiplier fix?.

    Not here to argue, but guys all complaining does is clog up the thread they know its a problem we have all paid we are all waiting just be patient or move on its a new game with new hurdles to overcome they will fix it. No one here is anymore important then the next.

    hi everyone,

    i thought it would be a good idea to make a thread that people can reference for server commands.

    If everyone could post server command lines (ie: HarvestAmountMultiplier=6) here so people can reference would be great mainly the ones that are not in the script already.

    some examples would be:

    -increase carry weight

    -increase max level

    -engram points per level

    Anything along those lines please be confirmed working before posting also include if it is a - game.ini file or a - gameusersettings.ini file.

    Thanks all hopefully together we can create a good reference point. :thumbsup: