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    It took a little while to propogate for me. Stop the server, wait 10 minutes, restart server. Make sure you check that the game.ini and the gameusersettings.ini have the values you want.

    If that still doesn't work, also change the defaultgame.ini and stuff in the base config folder.

    Hi All,

    I think I have resolved it.

    daenrys7   BradF

    When configuring clustered servers, you need to include the config files in EVERY server, not the main folder, other wise it doesn't work.

    Use my server as an example of one where it is now working with changed rates, all I did was copy the Config folder from ShooterGame/Saved/ to ShooterGame/Saved/21_B2 (the server of my home server)

    I also edited the defaultgame.ini and it didnt seem to have an effect, but please test this.

    Server Name:[AU] 4x Rates 2x2 Exiles Server

    My server is now working perfectly though :)

    Glad its not just me.

    I ended up deleting and re-creating the server, and now it wont even stay up haha.

    Think they have some bugs, but they are working very hard so just keep reporting the issues and we should have it going soon :D

    No known options yet, still waiting for more details game.ini options from developers. Right now its not too bad with the latest patches. Just need to carry around some Veg/Herb, Berries/Fruit, Meat and Fish and you'll be right.

    I have deleted and reinstalled (to try to fix the multipliers doing nothing) and now my new server doesn't stay up at all. I can still see (and join) my old server, but my new one (different name for clarity sake) never appears, and I can't connect via IP either (says not responding).

    Pretty sure the delete didn't really do anything, and the old server is still running, but now I can't change anything on it at all.

    90 slots will give you the 1+8 that you need yeah.

    Yeah you sure can, i'm using 2x2 but only 2 of the 4 tiles right now.

    My increased rates are no longer working since the cluster update.

    I have modified them and re saved, restarted both main server and extended servers many times.

    Just reinstalled and check, its still the same.

    Can we please get some assistance on this ASAP.

    Also, when making your own server, you can set the rates different for each server, including things like PVE and PVP zones. Can we please get the ability to edit the settings per server tile and not just overall too please? Being about to modify the skill points per level and other more complex settings is also important.

    4x4 would need 4x4x10 = 160 slots.

    Currently I'm running 2x2 but only actually have 20 slots, so I'm just running 2 adjacent tiles for now.

    In the cluster screen, add expansion servers, (as long as you have selected all your slots for you overall server) and then assign them all maps in the map screen

    Yes, I am having the exact same issue. I have attempted many times over hte last few hours, and have raised a ticket. Quite annoying because I am both unable to modify my server other than the small options in the control panel, and can't use my expansion servers. So currently we can only play on the boring starter island...