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    Hi Chris,

    Yeah, you need to edit the ServerGrid.json, there is a decent tool provided by the devs to edit it actually.

    Unfortunately, this feature is coming soon to g-portal. Until then we can't do anything.

    The discovery system is "working" but doesn't have island names.

    Fingers crossed we get full access soon, this will be when I make my map and release it to the public.

    That all sounds a bit unusual, especially the characters not being synced. The way it works is all the servers connect to one redis database, so they should all be synced. Unless there is something wrong with the ID or something. I think they are just madly trying to fix things and unfortunately sometimes breaking them.

    Hopefully it will all be 100% soon, did you guys see the email we got today? Basically explaining where they are and whats next.

    So I'm not sure of the actual coding, but you'll find the easier islands only drop generic metal and wood, harder islands drop specific metals. Like we are playing 2x2 and started in B2, the start island had only genetics, but a short boat ride and we had tonnes of copper and stuff

    Mine neither.

    The user data is stored in the redis database, which unfortunately we don't have access to yet. Hopefully this will happen soon, it would be good to be able to keep players data and then change a map, but it really depends on the DB structure.

    BradF will this be available soon?


    Does it work for people who connect for the first time?

    My PC managed to download the map initially but nobody elses did. Now if I delete the files it doesn't download them again and I get a grey map.

    Punchy Hmm, its hard to diagnose. Double check the name of the map files you downloaded are correct, re-delete the fow2visibilty file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles\<your server ID> folder.

    Your map file should be easy, just named: GridCellMapImage_0-0.jpg

    Note there is a difference between Matt Grey/Black (blank) maps and the foggy maps. Foggy generally seems to be the fow2visibility file being corrupt, but the pure blank one indicates no map exists at all. Post a screenshot of the map in game to see if that works.

    Silvanar I have replied in the other thread, it might be worth starting your own (tag me) and we can diagnose from there. I tested mine and I can transition between servers fine.

    Hi All,


    Players on the server 2x2 server running the 2x2 map are unable to see the map in game. This means they are unable to choose beds to spawn, treasure maps don't work, and its just a pain in general.

    I believe the issue lies in one of the following areas:

    1. The ServerGrid.json is wrong, and doesn't have the correct names for the maps coded in it. As I can't see this there is no way to know if it's correct.

    2. Permissions, the files are located on the ftp server and its possible that users are unable to download it through the game.


    Part A. FTP Side

    The following steps require FTP access, and worked for myself and 3 other players in my server.

    1. Connect to the FTP, download all the files located here, the quantity will depend on the amount of tiles on your servers map.


    2. Rename the files to the following:

    3. Zip these files up, and send them to the players, I used email but if its zipped it doesn't matter how you do it. Sending over discord as images broke ours and it took me a long time to determine why it worked for me and nobody else.

    Part B. Adding them to the folder and clearing cache.

    On each clients machine, there is a cache of maps already download, and the information on the areas of the map that are explored.

    1. Clear the cache

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\LocalProfiles

    You will notice there is multiple files in here, these are created for each server, which has a unique ID that is generated when you make the map. To determine which one is the correct server, you can simply enter the server, and then check which one is the latest modified. I'm not sure if this is deliberate but my g-portal server is 4062234234.0, and none of the others have a .0 on the end, as you can see here:

    Make note of the ID of your server, as you need it in step 2.

    This folder contains the map explored details for your characters, it needs to be deleted if the map files don't exist otherwise it doesn't work. Its fine if you just delete the folder (eg. 4062234234.0).

    2. Add map files

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MapImagesCache

    In this folder, you should be able to see your server ID, open the folder, it will have any maps that you were able to download. If it doesnt exist, create it. Delete everything and put the new files from Part A in here, like so:

    Start the game, check the map and everything should be working.

    BradF   daenrys7 Is it possible to get my ServerGrid.json to see if I can determine if there is any issues? I have tested this extensively on a server on my own PC.




    Its a beta that's a work in progress.

    Yes, they should advertise that before you pay 100%.

    However they are working around the clock it get it going, and they are re crediting us for days missed, which is what they must do according to the ACCC.

    There is more overhead having different server instances running compared to one that is 20 slot, however its minor. The fact is we aren't being charged by person though, but by slot. The ATLAS server's are dodgy as hell, it takes a lot of fiddling to get them to work and it is hard to automate.

    I would stress patience, its the middle of the holiday period and they are still working hard on this, and with some tweaking i've managed to get almost everything working perfectly. It's not ideal but every day its getting better.

    I haven't actually tried it, but apparently, add this to game.ini from save location per server, increase engrams per level, just change the number per level. I'd suggest also updating the DefaultGame.ini as in previous steps too.

    Locations I edited:

    This one is per server

    This is the default base that all new servers should inherit from (not sure how well/if it works, but its safer to edit it and be sure)

    This is the important info in the GameUserSettings.ini (also copy this into the DefaultGameUserSettings.ini)

    This is the important info in the Game.ini (also copy this into the DefaultGame.ini)

    People who can't ftp, its really crap, I couldn't ftp until about 4 hours ago, which is when I fixed it. I think either the server was misconfigured or it just takes a while to get the ftp access, daenrys7 can you comment? I raised a ticket but only got an automated response, I assume that nobody actually did anything to my account?

    Let me know if you guys need any more help.

    Hey all, to fix the max discovery thing you need to change this in game.ini


    I changed it from 8 to 200 and all good.

    MattyWylde are you editing the files on the server in the correct locations as per above?

    I'd suggest stopping your server, modifying all the game.ini files (ensuring you have one in the save game folder too), and also the defaultgame.ini file.

    Its working for me now