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    Mine was the harvest rates. The server just flat out wouldn't adjust them either via FTP or the web dashboard. It would adjust the file and then on a reboot completely reset the file again, therefore negating the changes.

    I've been having various issues here and there with resources harvest rates and dino damage. I even had another member of the community who had harvest rates working take a look via FTP and we couldn't figure it out. I decided to completely delete the server and create a new to start fresh and now it's stuck at installing for about 30 minutes now.

    gportal_122952 helped me get the settings working temporarily, but now they are not working again after a restart. My GameUserSettings.ini file keeps removing the configurations on a reboot. Here are the pertinent settings before a reboot.

    Here they are after a reboot.

    The file size also changes as soon as I reboot. Before it's filesize is 3294 and then after it is 3036. Here is the DefaultGameUserSettings.ini file also just incase.


    I'm trying to modify my resources and I simply cannot get it to work properly. I am currently only running a single grid server with the 1x1 All Biomes MAP that G-Portal let's you select. Not sure if that's pertinent or not, but figured I would let you know. Here is what I have tried:

    I've tried modifying harvestamount, harvesthealth, inside of ShooterGame/Saved/1_A1/Config/WindowsServer/GameUserSettings.ini. When I first open the file these settings aren't even in the file so I add them to it. When I restart the server it removes only those lines that I added, any other changes I have made stay.

    I checked under ShooterGame/Saved/ for a Config folder, but there is no folder there for Config. I only have 1_A1 and Logs within that directory.

    I also tried modifying ShooterGame/Config/DefaultGameUserSettings.ini to have the harvest items changed and it still does nothing. Am I missing something or should I open a support ticket. I don't want to add another ticket if I'm just missing something simple here.