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    Here is mine for 125 levels. almost enough points to get all skills at level 99 with 125 total levels in the table. Good for PvE or solo/small group servers. Right now ive included skill bonus every ten levels.

    This will generate additional skill points for players at every level compared to vanilla so no negative skill points.

    Edit: Note players may need to use a respec for full effect.

    If anyone comes along with the same problem, I had to switch to a 4x4 map, assign servers and save/wipe. and then switch back to the 3x3 and save wipe again to fix the maps.

    I guess the map data didnt properly go out the first time.

    I also made sure to sequentially start the cluster and each expansion the first time rather than the start all button.

    Is anyone else having trouble with the custom home servers always spawning in the ocean?

    Also, is anyone else having issues with them not always bring the config through on every login?

    Sometimes it has max levels and exp changes and sometimes it doesnt.

    Also, the admin password doesnt always work on some logins.

    it depends on the map setup. if all the map tiles are loaded then you can sail around. if a map tile is missing it treats it like an unloaded server and you cant sail. so if you shoose a small custom map like a 2x2 and have 4 servers then you can sail around. but if you pick a 3x3 4x4 15x15 or anything else larger, you would have problems.

    I think it has to do with connection settings in the cluster json but i havent had a chance to delve into it