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    I did this... thus the screen shots I replied to my original post with. It simply says "Server is not responding."

    This is the window that pops up when I click that "Add a Server" button you have screen capped. There is no field to enter the IP, and ports separately. So your instruction of "enter your IP/Port and Query Port" Can only be added as "111.222.333.444:55555" (as an example.) 111.222.333.444 being the IP address, and 55555 being the query port. I have done this, and I can -see- my entry on the list, but it shows up with "Server is not responding.".

    The copy paste from "gportal_354016" doesn't apply because I can't even get to a point where it will launch the game, via this method.

    Is there something I'm doing incorrectly?

    I've read "attempting to join a game from invite or direct join", "Server Issues", and "Getting into my own server issues" and I can't find a solution to my problem.

    I can't find my server. The in game client, the steam server lists (Even adding it with the query port []), and I honestly don't know how to find it. The web client say's it's online, showing that it's using ram, etc. but I just can't -find- it to join. I'd greatly appreciate some guidance.