We're at it again, this time with flare! Here is what we've added:

    COIN BANK: We have our bank available with our own currency.

    How to get coins? easy!
    Time in server - If you spend more than 15 minutes on the server you will get coins - Each 15-minute block will provide you with 20 coins - Coins will be added once player logs out.

    SHOP: You can spend your coins in the online store. In the #shopping🛒 channel you will see the product catalog. When you request it, the Drone will deliver directly to you.

    WELCOME PACK: If you are new, you can request your welcome pack with pretty good gear to start out.

    PACKFREE: Every day when you log into our SCUM server you will receive a code to request a free pack, but you must be registered.


    It facilitates the exact location of a point of interest with special loot or vehicles. More information on the #finder📦🚘 channel.

    RANKING: We have a ranking of kills in WarZones. Stay at the TOP and get prizes! The avatar of the TOP players is shown in the #ranking📊 channel and it indicates if they are logged into our SCUM server. More information on the #ranking📊 channel.

    WARZONE: Combat zone that changes every 24 hours, where packs of loot are generated automatically every 25 minutes. Look closely at the map and you will see the points where the loot spawns. More information on the #warzone🏹 channel.

    KILLS: our #kills channel shows the killer, victim, distance in meters and sector where the kill took place.

    PVE ZONE in D3: This zone is fully automated. If a player is killed, the killer gets teleported to jail, while the victim gets teleported back to his body to retrieve hi or he gear.

    and much below to join our discord server and find out more.

    OK so how does the SCUM Reserved Player List work? If a steam ID is given Admin Access, does that also Reserved Player Slot for that ID or does the steam ID also need to be added to the Reserved Player List?

    It would be nice if the Admin drone was faster than vehicles. It can't even catch up to one at half speed. it would also be nice to have the ability to see all players when using the Admin Drone. Maybe even add filters to remove or add ESP

    Does anyone know if there is a way to give some players limited admin roles on the SCUM servers? Instead of Full Admin perhaps the ability to teleport to a player that needs assistance, or only allow spawning of limited items?

    I have mine set to 48 and also would like to know the answer to this. Does server performance take a hit? Does another vehicle somewhere despawn?

    I have a question

    My sever set up MaxAllowedVehiclesInWorld 30,
    What happens if i Spawn another vehicle?