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    Any idea of when update will be out trying to stay up to update it for my crew but got to work in AM. If it is going to be a lot longer that is fine just debating if I stay up a hour or so more to update it for them before I turn in.

    The people on my server do not see my server name on Steam App but you see it in the Atlas Server selection. Everyone can get in and play though so we roll with it.

    So I have had some people donating to me so when additional server for atlas comes up we can expand our map but the credits are not coming thru on my account. How long does this usually take does anyone know and does it work like banks on days the banks are closed you wont see any adjustments until after the first business day. Thank you for any responses just want to reassure those that have sent me money for this and want to send it each month to expand when we can.

    Little suck up GPortal team thank you for all the hard work you are doing for us.

    hit your tidle key type .... enablecheats (inser password) ... then you can type ... showmyadminpanel .. I have used it plenty of time.

    We noticed the game ui is missing a lot of setting can we add in the stuff that is missing or is this being added in over time and should we wait. We are going off the basis of how ark settings were. We did not want to go and add in stuff and mess anything up.