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    So the expansion servers seemed to start working and got Blue walls a few of my crew went thru the wall and now are getting network failures and can not even play at all. Some kind of response would be great because the silence is really starting to upset us and I am getting flak now .

    What we did is go into each sector and add the config file and made sure we updated the default game ini and gameuser ini and the regular ones inder save. to get ours to work. This was on a single grid though we will see if they are still working when we have mutliple servers and grids.

    You need to go into your Map from your server page and set up the grids your sectors are assigned to and submit it then my server went into updating

    For engram points what I had to do to get them to work is edit the defaultgame.ini AND Game.ini to get them to work. Replace thise 2 files anywere you find them. As soon as I did that worked like a charm for engram points. I had the files in the regular config file and saved file for each sector section even ones that I dont have a sever.

    Hey Wildfires, It seems that my server is locked in PvP mode, I have followed the instructions you and ChaosGeneral have set forth, copying the config folder from Shooter to my Game servers folder, but even configured, saved uploaded and updated, harvest rates aren't changing. Now i did notice that after copying the files over, i had twice as may options showing up in the extended settings in the control panel, but it seems that changing anything there doesn't actually affect the file. I simply cannot get the server to change to PvE mode. Where is that setting located? Which .ini file? Thanks to you and the gang for all your tremendous help.

    I found when I was playing with Ini files when I would go in and changes things FTP it erased my changes from the website UI. I ended up getting lucky I guess because thru it all my PVE stuck so I got lucky wish I had a defined answer for you sorry .

    That is aweseme and I got my Mt Dew and working on my Ini files so they are set how I want for my home server to be able to radiate them out to my additional servers . Was wanting more of a answer of It will be sometime today or we are looking at after the 1st of the year to get more hardware. I am fine with either answer just want to give my crew peace of mind.

    I haven't actually tried it, but apparently, add this to game.ini from save location per server, increase engrams per level, just change the number per level. I'd suggest also updating the DefaultGame.ini as in previous steps too.

    when I add this is now I only get 1 point each level so it changed it just got to figure out what is conflicting with it

    Is there any ETA on when you will have the new hardware installed and ready to go? I want to play while I'm on holidays and if I play on the 1x1 map I'm just going to lose all my progress when the expansion server is ready and I install the 2x1 map.

    I would like to know this also do we have a time frame me and my crew are itching to play we all went nuts when it was announced we could add our expansion servers