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    @gportal_122952 Without any modifications? And its working for more than one player?

    Yes we see our map exactly like how it was presented to me when I picked it. I took the link from that specific map and I put it in the server control panel under Basic Settings as the link to the map. Although now that I'm looking again, I don't see that option anywhere on the control panel anymore.

    Mine was the harvest rates. The server just flat out wouldn't adjust them either via FTP or the web dashboard. It would adjust the file and then on a reboot completely reset the file again, therefore negating the changes.

    Once you get it reinstalled and working again let me know. I'll take another look at it with a fresh server install.

    Awesome thank you for letting us know!

    go to admin panel and give like 15million exp should show you total skill points after respec

    Until we can figure out a value that will work and end up with a overall gain of skill points I don't recommend anyone changing skill points on their server. It's good for the early levels however, you'll have 100+ skill points at level 20 instead of 50.

    All the way down in corner of map i believe , after hours of combing the config files one of the guys on the server "hey I got off my boat at this island and now my experience is uncapped" Me "well crap"

    Open up your inventory, there is a tab at the top that says "Discoveries". You need to find these within the zone to uncap your experience for now. They aren't always islands however, sometimes they are ruins on an island.

    I think they are defaulting settings back just is so no one accidentally totally breaks their server. The way I fixed it was I went into every file that mentions the Harvest multiplier and I changed it to 20. Some files didn't have the command at all so i entered it manually, saved it. Then when it asks to upload and overwrite, choose yes. I can try it again for you if you'd like just let me know.

    In the basic settings, i entered what the admin server password should be. I load the game up, enter the admin password and it doesnt work (times out)

    I assume you are doing this in-game correct? You press ~ to bring up the console and then type "enablecheats yourpassword". Then type "showmyadminmanager".

    Anybody know how to change the player level cap for this? Thanks to the help of other portal users, I've been able to get everything else working swimmingly. Now I just want to make sure my players are able to reach a high enough level they can get most of what they need.

    I currently don't see any line of code pertaining to this in the files. Hopefully someone can discover something eventually. I definitely see it being possible.