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    I've done everything I can think of and don't understand what's going on. Some people have access to their servers, others dont? My server says it's installed, it starts up fine. It'll stay online as long as I leave it, say its using CPU and RAM in the panel. But I cannot join it. I can't find it in game. I've added Query port and address to favorites and get this every time. Every time I try to delete the server and start another it just brings me immediately to a website maintenancy page. Has been that way for a day or two now..:cursing:

    Attempting to delete my server brings me immediately to a maintenance page, every time. I've been trying once an hour since they recommended that fix for getting servers to work......... How can they recommend a method to fix something that has been "Under maintenance" the entire time... First time renting a server from here but it seems to me like they all drug up for the holidays.. Glad most online businesses don't operate this way.

    BradF Thank you for everything yall are doing. Im sure its not easy. Especially through the holidays. I do see we're able to launch our servers now. Ive modified all the rates how I wanted. Installed and started my server up. I cannot find the server in-game nor can I add the ip and port to the steam favorites and join by that. How are we to access our servers? Or are they not actually up and should I stop trying?