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    Not sure what is missing here, because I've done it three times and it worked. You do realize when you are deleting your server you get a new IP and such when you create the new one. Are you putting that info into STEAM. Also when you are connecting using this method, your server doesn't show in the STEAM->View->Servers->Internet->Add Server list with the name you gave it nor the ATLAS hosted by G-Portal etc name. Post back and we will continue to troubleshoot it. Take care

    you get a new IP? mine has stayed the same on all the servers I have deleted and made today the IP has been with Query port of 28915 and I have been able to find it in Steam>servers and in game just cant join it

    Well I dont know whats happening anymore, the loading into other peoples instances has stopped but I cannot load into my own server. Every other official and private server i try is fine but when I try to connect to my own Atlas just closes, I have tried multiple computers now and same issue so I dont know if it is a client side issue or server issue. I believe it is sever side as I can connect to other servers but the response I got from support was about finding my server not my connection issue so I need to wait for another response. I have tried removing the server with the trash can and redoing it but again it failed and now I have the 530 FTP error as well....I just want to play the game lol

    someone on the official forums said that the following in the Game.ini worked

    1 line for each level and adjust the number at the end, I havent tested it myself but apparently other have had success

    I experienced the same . and this is what i found out through trial and error . First off, I have found that you cannot join last server through JOIN LAST;

    After you find and select your server in server list and it takes you to the map that has server info on one side and map on the other do not click the grid on the map it will then start putting you through to other servers even though you see the name of your server. What i have to do is to make sure after getting to that screen is to type the name of my server in the search ( full Name) . Then wait for it to find the session. I spent 2 hours trying to get to my server only to be directed to random servers other than my own . Until i noticed that every time i clicked the grid on the map the server info on the right side would scroll to another server . I typed in my server name in the search and lo and behold i connected to the right server

    Very interesting find, without the map on if you sit long enough you will actually see other servers populate the list as well if they share the same spawn location. I did manage to find my server and tried to log in but I am not stuck with the game just closing when it tries to load in no error msg just closes so I htink I am dealing with some client side issues now as well.

    Same exact thin happening to me, logging me into random servers with other people, but not always the same people, seems to be a different server everytime. I already submitted a ticket

    if you find out anything can you please come back and let me know :) Im now dealing with the issue of the game just closing when i try and log into my server but joining other servers seems to be fine.

    Is anyone else having the issue with logging onto your server and it either crashing or you load into a server that's not yours? When pressing esc it says it's my server but there are other people on yet the website still says there is 0/10 people on the the server. The server is password protected so I am not sure what is happening