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    I thought i could wait it out but when there's a chance of getting it wiped again, i dont want to put myself nor other through this for a 6th time.

    Ive requested a refund through the same ticket as last week when trying to fix wipe number 4.

    Its been an Adventure thats for sure but I cant take it anymore sorry.

    Best of luck everyone.

    all you need to do is open a support ticket requesting the refund and include the full name and last 4 of the credit card that was used if you used paypal include the paypal email and they will forward it to the finance department.

    Awesome, many thanks.

    How does one go about getting a refund?

    5 server wipes in 2-3 weeks, daily issues and im getting nowhere.

    Takes days to get anywhere in customer support (i know there's only 3, not my problem)

    Ive been very, very patient.

    People hounding me asking me wtf is going on, i have no clue anymore.

    So how does one get a refund, does my wallet and server get cancelled & i receive the money back or?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Sorry about the rant but this has broken me.

    The past 3 weeks ive had countless issues.. from 5 server wipes (100's of hours gone) to Cant log in for hours.

    My server has been deleted, freshly installed 5 times already but yet the next day it will be wiped because of another issue.

    For almost 3 weeks ive had people counting on me asking wtf is going on & sadly I have no clue.

    From how im seeing it, Im paying G-Portal to beta test their servers for future customers.

    It takes days for any result to happen, yeah customer support is overloaded but of course! When you only have 3 people active in the same timezone trying to help probably thousands of people is just mental, why am I still here trying to fix a 3 week issue.

    Lost time, lost faith and lost money for absolutely nothing to show for it besides stress.

    I dont know what to do, im pissed off nothing is working & im paying for a service that cant be delivered. 30 days has turned into 8 days.

    I cant refund the game due to being over the refund time so my only hope is to seek a refund here which i didnt want but looks like has to happen.

    Am i the only one having this amount of issues?!

    I'll be looking at a refund in the morning at this rate.

    Feeling bad for my mates though, I've hyped this up enough only to bite myself in the ass.

    Hope it works out for you and others.

    I am getting upset I have paid for slots for 7 more expansions once expansion servers came out and yet still not able to add more.....

    I am to the point of demanding a refund and going somewhere else.

    The financial department is back, I'm considering it myself.

    Hearing people have some and wanting more while myself and others haven't had the chance just pisses me off. Sorry.

    Was told Expansion Servers would be up today by support, very keen to get some.

    Is there any updates / news on when this will be available?

    Is it possible to preorder some in case of a shortage again?

    Will I get notified about the release?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Since I cant refund until after the 1st i might as well try and sort this as much as possible.

    To the person asking for a guide on setting these up +1. Would save Ticket Support a lot of issues.

    Ok, few questions and thank you in advanced.

    1. Can I play on my G-Portal 2x2 preset map without the possible issue of a server wipe when adding an Expansion Sever?

    Yes, i cant leave the grid right now but will I be able to once the expansion server is up?

    Adding the expansion server lets me travel from 1 grid to another?

    2. Ive lost about a week in down time, is it possible to get that time back like others have been getting?

    3. Is it possible that my Expansion Server is up to today?

    4. Do i have to be spamming the "Add Expansion Server" button to not miss out on one? Worried you'll run out of hardware again pushing this back another week.

    5. Will multipliers be fixed on the pre-set maps or do we have to edit the files ourselves?