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    Thanks Guys, I appreciate your response and time on the matter. The ticket is in and you guys can wipe the server as we havent invested any time into building on it yet. You have the best hosting support btw.

    Having the same problem. I looked thru the forums, read the advice given by Danny and FairyModMother. Did the server shutdown, FTP'd In, Downloaded the adminconfig file, edited it with notepad++, uploaded it, saved it, restarted the server, logged in, checked the commands, no svrpermissions. Here is a screenshot of the config file in notepad++ with proper spacing, correct Steam ID, etc.

    Any resolution would be appreciated. My steam ID is the one currently on my servers config file, the admin team has full permission to edit and correct any mistakes, Just want it to work properly. Thanks in advance.

    Yeah, we need to ask the game devs to add a favorite server or recent server feature. Also, we have found that if you have players in different countries regions, it may take a while for the server to show up. We restart our server daily and it takes about 3 minutes for it to show up in the list, filters or not, and it took players from HK like 8 minutes to be able to find it.

    calm down mate, i can help when you get to the main page, the login is at the bottom left corner. it will tell you to rent a server til then, once you login, you should see you have credits until you ACTIVATE the server, you may have to login again after, then on the left, go to My Servers and you are all set!

    submit a ticket, BradF from support fixed mine both times literally within minutes. He stated they are aware and working on the fix. But its happening with these little micro updates the devs are pushing out

    Best of luck mate

    Working on the stopping issue and getting it resolved, I fixed it as well for the moment.We do not cap ram, so no worries there you can use as much as you want. And Im not sure we can keep levels and characters and wipe structures thou yet :( Havent really tried yet

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    Since the updates earlier, we have seen treasure maps was up and did on in our area after figuring out to equip it, we have fought a ghost ship and gotten flotsam that included the accordion songs and all of that. So, if they are going to introduce a map with all of the biomes and stuff, its perfect for say 15 players, 3 crews of 5. I have a lot of faith in GPortal now, and i think that a lot of it is they are just being overwhelmed by a dev team spitting out updates all of the time and they have to make our servers here match up with the client and server fixes, answer tickets, monitor hardware, track issues, communicate with the devs and all of that. If nothing else, the fact that they get back so quickly on support tickets alone is gonna keep me here. I think patience goes a lot further then assuming or buying into the negative rants we are all seeing online. The game is fun, a lot to do and the advice and fix for going up in level beyond lvl 8 in the freehold area makes the future potentially rewarding. I too want custom maps and supported Mods, but until then, we are just goofing off. Hope to see you guys in game having fun.

    If you are inclined to use cheats, you can only get certain items from the outer islands, You enable cheats wit your server password, then the command is "admincheat GiveResources" without quotes, It will give you a stack of oil, sap, and other items you can't get otherwise.

    In the server console, you can up the XP modifier, takes longer, but you can level fast as an alternative, we up the resource modifier to levels like 1000 to 1000 and got extreme amounts of resources fast for resource building. It seemed to work with ex at the same time, our ships were max leveled in no time as well as our toons just having fun and base building. Remember to shut it back down to a way lower level when you have your resources cause it can cause lag and be a nightmare storage wise. A tip as well is use the GiveCreativeMode cheat. Also, if you want NoClip, the command is admincheat Ghost, you can use admincheat fly as well, don't go in the water with NoClip on (you will die and lose your stuff), but to turn off fly, the only way that works is going in the water it seems.

    Hope this makes sense and helps, happy sailing.

    Hey, this is a Shout out to Brad with GPortal's customer service team. I submitted a ticket over the server being stuck in "Stopping" mode, he got it fixed fast and provided helpful info that i hope is ok to share with the community. Hands down the best service i have used for hosting games and because of the work they put into Atlas over the holiday with very little cooperation from the game dev, i am going to migrate my other game servers here. Here is the info He shared in the ticket after resolving the issue.

    Sorry about that, Corrected the issue and will be fixed in a few moments,

    at the moment we only offer the entry map of the offical server cluster from ATLAS. This map is configured as home server. Home server at do have a levelcap to level 8. You can overule this with the following steps in the basic settings:

    1. Deactivate ClampHomeServerXP

    2. Set NoDiscoveriesMaxLevel to 100

    We will release in the near future a selfbuilt map for 1 grid ATLAS server, which offers a more variable gameplay with all bioms, resources etc.

    Expansion server, so extended maps, are in developement and will hopefully be released before the new year. Of course we will credit you the missed days till then after it is released.

    Your GPORTAL Team (edited)

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    Amazing to know this stuff, give the folks a chance to help you before bashing them, they are really great.

    Our server has been stuck on "Stopping" since 11 pm last night. We are understanding, but running out of patience because the maintenance page shows up if we try to delete and reinstall the server, again, since 11 pm last night. We are looking at the Discord server for Atlas and it seems this latest update has Ghost ships spawning like crazy and other new issues to go with it. I know that the GPortal team is working hard to make this game playable for us, i just kinda want to wipe the server instead of pushing an update, seems like when we do that, the game runs much smoother than just updating. any news would be nice.

    My server has been struck on "Stopping" since 11 p, Eastern time US. If i restart, it says that it restarts but it's still on stopping. I try to delete it, it takes me to a maintenance page. I cannot get it to update, cannot get it to successfully start, cant reinstall it (as i prefer to reinstall instead of update). I came by here to see if there was any information so i did not submit a ticket if there is an easy fix. Has anyone gad the issue and have it self resolve? Are there instructions or information about this anywhere?

    Thanks All.