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    Thank you for the reply I did put in a ticket as I have auto update on , My friends and I have even started making jokes if sum1 says be back in a few mins coz if they log out to the menu its a high chance of not being able to get back in for 30 - 40 mins as it just says unable to verify invite query or server not responding even though theirs people in the server lol It's my first time in ark so I can only dread dcing at the worst possible time lol especially when a dc means not being able to get back in straight away. Hopes up support can find out whats wrong :)

    Hi new to g portal just rented a server a few days ago , is this server not responding a common issue ? because it feels every time you exit the game or come back later theirs like 50/50 chance weather you can just load in or the server is just stuck on not responding for ages, is there anything to do when the server just sits on not responding?