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    is not getting better, when you are in freeport and cant progress with the game, i have lost a fair amount of players - forced wipe for adding expansion servers is not great. i am sitting with 2 clouds of unusable slots at the moment.

    I agree with the stopping of orders. However it's easy to see them running out of hardware for this. Normally each of us would just be getting 1 server for say 150 slots worth of space. Now we are trying to get the 150 slots of space but requiring 15 servers each. That's a massive difference.

    but see, the cloud works well for splitting slots, and basically, that is all this is. Its no different, from my buying 100 slots, and splitting that in to 10 heavily modded ark servers

    this is the recommended setup for a private server

    OS: Server 2019 Standard (with GUI - for now)
    Type: Virtual Machine
    6GB RAM (4 for Atlas)

    admittedly, light on ram.

    also, here in Australia, what G-Portal are doing is a contravention of consumer laws. They are actively advertising a product that doesnt exist. The ACCC would be handing out rather stiff fines for this.

    I had to laugh @ your comment about working through this time of year ,your clearly young I have worked through many Holiday season's as an adult with wife and kid's it's not always your choice as for the ticket well i have more than I could count . No my single biggest problem was renting a server here for a 3 month block that is fully on me for being stupid and not trying gportal before buying that much time, the fact that gportal still can't get this working when so many other providers have is clearly on them they must not have employee's with the required skill level, maybe the pay is crap and good techs don't want to work here or maybe the techs are fine and there working with crap I don't know or care, my only concern is gportal selling a service that they clearly can't provide.

    and still advertising.

    I will say, having been with g-portal for a little while, for ark, and other various servers, on the whole its fairly good, but atlas is different, in its set up, and I agree, others have it, its all over the internet how to set up private dedicated servers, admin discord groups are discussing it amongst each others (this group includes hosting company techs).

    The most disappointing thing for me, and as a techie, one i have trouble wrapping my old brain around, is how do u run out of hardware? Surely you stop taking orders?

    but do you have a 2 x 2, are you able to go to the next grid square?