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    I have no clue of your specific situation, but I can certainly understand the frustration. IP change are detrimental for a community. Server owners works hard to buildup their ranking and playerbase and when the IP are changing they basically have to start all over again and depending of the game it can be really hard to recover. I remember about 10 years ago I was hosting CS:S servers and the host I was using moved their data center which resulted into new IPs for us and we lost over half of our population just like that since our servers were no longer being favorited by anyone and they had to manually search for them. Anyways, you should contact support and ask them what did happens and if routing back your old addresses is a possibility. Good luck!

    how rais the damage that do

    There is the DinoTurretDamageMultiplier option that controls the damage turrets projectile deals but keep in mind that it will also affect some creature attacks (rock throw by a Golem, acid spit by an Arthro, etc.) as they are considered turrets.

    Aye brad now with this new stacking, is there a way to change the slots in turrets ? Like instead of it being 58 slots I wanna make it less

    There is unfortunately no configurable option that control the amount of slot containers have. Without a mod, there is no way to override them since they are hard-coded for each blueprints within the game.

    Creatures spawns whenever an area goes out of stasis (being rendered by a player but will never spawn in his view cone) and as Daenrys07 said, it can takes a while before it re-populates as each spawns are not guaranteed and are controlled by a percentage meaning that it might take few re-rendering for stuff to roll and spawns. After a wipe, just play normally and the wildlife should eventually becomes normal.

    Is there a way to slow down the consumption of fuel (Aka Gasoline in generators)?

    Yes, there is the FuelConsumptionIntervalMultiplier setting that defines the fuel consumption of generator. The higher this multiplier is, the more fuel will be required. For example, setting it to 2.0 would makes the generator consume twice as more fuel while setting it to 0.5 would makes them consume twice as less.

    I paid for a server from G-portal so i can play Farm Simulator 19 on my Xbox One and was told that G-portal don't support Xbox at all.. I have asked G-portal for a refund but still haven't got it.. I did what they asked and it's like they don't care. Please Give my refund back.. Thank you

    Billing stuff is handled through support tickets and not publicly on the forums:

    If you go to your My Servers tab, you should see all the information you need. There is no "automatic payments" with G-Portal. Well, there is, as long as you have enough money into your balance. On the left side of your panel, if you click on "Credit: XXXX" you can add money to your account. As for donations, I had the same issues with people donating but it was in fact the system that was a bit confusing for new users. Basically, when someone follow your donation link, they are asked to create an account. Then, when their account is created, they are redirected back to their own profile adding credit to their own account and believe they donated it to you but that's not it. They need to follow your link a second time to donate the credit they added to their own account. If you are having issues, you can always submit a Support Ticket and they should be able to assist you. Good luck!

    Edits for the Wiki is solely done by the techies. Not even us Moderators can edit things. ;(

    If you do like daenrys7 mentioned though, submit a ticket and one of the techies will update the wiki accordingly.

    I know they're working on updating and posting new material on the wiki shortly. They're all kinda focused on the new rollouts and other things atm.

    Well, I'm not suggesting any change to the wiki. :D What I'm suggesting is a new option on the panel that adds a parameter to the command line since currently there is no way for G-Portal users to use that feature.

    Hi Cible, please bounce this off technical support. Take care

    Hm, I'm confused. Isn't it the exact purpose of that section? ?( I mean, I'm not having any technical difficulties but oh well, I will just link them here then. :thumbup:


    We recently dug into the binaries/Dev Kit in order to find information and figure out how to clamp the insanely OP items given by Gacha/Raptor Claus. I've edited the wiki with our results so everyone can use that feature but it is currently not possible to do so on G-Portal because we need the ?ClampItemStats=true option added to the command line. Possible to add a checkbox on the panel when you get the chance?