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    That thread doesn't help me at all, my issue is I've set the event, the correct way, but its not showing up in game so I wanted to know if there is a file or specific log I can look at to see if the event is loading correctly and its an ark issue or if somethings going wrong server sid

    The event is most likely on, but some blueprints are no longer being loaded behind the scene. WinterWonderland have the same issue, where some stuff works but others don't (such as Raptor Claus, etc.). Look into a cooking pot, and you will most likely see the skins from the event, but the piles won't be available. This is an issue in the game, not the hosting service offered by g-portal meaning that only wildcard could potentially fixes it.

    If the lags is not constant but at specific interval as you seem to say; then that is most likely just the server save happening and nothing to worry about. You could increase that interval, at the disadvantage of losing more progression if it crashes, etc.

    Will give that a try! Thank you!!

    Apparently this is no longer necessary unless you want to reduce it even more. Recent update changed the following:

    1. v300.6 - 11/3/19
    2. - Fixed an issue with imprinting and maturation relating to custom rates

    Which make it so that if you have for example, BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=2 , then the imprint interval would already gets halved to 4 hours, etc. If you then set BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=0.5, then it would halve it again and interval would be 2 hours. I haven't tested myself, but that is what I've read on their forums.

    The setting for Atlas is most likely the same as ARK:

    1. BabyCuddleIntervalMultiplier=1.0

    For example, if you have BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier=10then you would want to set the setting above to 1.0 / 10 = 0.1, etc. Though, it might requires some adjustments because you might not be able to do the last imprint on some creatures due to rounding.

    So it looks like they have patched the event in. I noticed it was never available before now, so will it be there from now on, or only the same time frame as official?

    Yes, it will be available permanently! You can keep it active as long as you want with the ActiveEvent parameter. This is the first time Wildcard release a Fear Evolved event with their new event system, before they were using internal branches so they were requiring server and client updates but now events can be enable/disabled by server owners at any time. :)

    The problem you will face if you don't update your mods on your servers is that your client and the other players playing on your server won't be able to join it and will receive a mod mismatch error.

    Yeah I remember seeing it working on xbox (youtube) but I've tried that with PS4 with no luck although maybe an update has changed it. It's also much worse through the server than single player which is why I was hoping there might have been a server setting to change it. And yes, I'd already voted on that suggestion on the other forum :thumbsup:

    Your single-player/multi-player difference is most likely caused by the hibernation/minimal stasis that is implemented on single-player for optimization purposes which prevents some layers from being rendered from a distance. Other than that, I don't see why they would differs.

    Consoles don't have access to these files, they are limited to in-game panels which also contains less settings than PC. :(

    The rendering is done client-side, and thus there is no settings that could be set on the server to change it. Well, you could technically set the server to be night time 24/7, but that would not be ideal.

    This is actually something that has been requested a lot and you could share your support on their official forums by voting and commenting:…hafts-setting-on-console/

    I also remember some saying that if you go into single-player and use the following commands:

    1. r.lightshafts 0
    2. r.bloomquality 0

    And then join any server without exiting the game the settings will remains. I cannot confirm this myself, since I didn't own a console for like 15 years but yeah, apparently it still works although using the commands from a server will be rejected. This must be done every times you re-launch your game, so that is kind of an annoyance.

    With the logs I notice the time stamps are incorrect. They are also out of order and finding the latest one is a massive pain. I can't find anywhere in my account to change timestamps or any settings to fix it. What am I missing?

    The game unfortunately doesn't provides a way to change the timezone of the logging system. AShooterGameMode::PrintToServerGameLog internally relies on GetSystemTime, which means the time of the logs are all in UTC regardless of the local time of the machine hosting the server.

    For PC, using gportal on browser.

    Find your FTP info on the panel, then open any folder on your PC and enter the following path replacing user, password, ip and port with the info you found on the panel:

    1.  ftp://user:password@ip:port

    From there you should be able to simply navigate through the Saved directory and copy paste it. Alternatively you can use FTP software such as FileZilla, etc.

    You sure can! Make a backup of the ../ShooterGame/Saved/ folder which contains your config, your logs, along with your world saves. Then just restore that directory on any server whenever you want to take your game where you left it. :thumbsup:

    Maybe I missed something because I use g-portal on my phone/tablet, now. It's not an app but I can access the site and my servers.

    OP is requesting a feature that is to receive an automated email whenever his servers are shutting down. He said he was able to restart it when one of his player made him aware so managing his servers from his phone is not the issue here. :P

    That's weird...

    That limit is unfortunately hard-coded in the CliffPlatform_Base_BP (inherited by all three variants; wood, stone and metal):


    I was able to successfully patch the uasset server-side, but since that limit is checked prior to the clients actually networking and requesting the placement, there is unfortunately no way to change it without a mod that is also loaded and overriding that class client-side. :(

    Listen all I did was messed with a few settings and did them and it worked all I did was posted everything I added. Regardless no I dont have super fast land animals neither. Perlevelsstats for speed is at 1. So it literally only adds how ever amount there was at stock. It's literally not effecting anyone on my server at any way possible.

    There is no need to be on the defensive. I apologize if I gave the impression that I was attacking you, I clearly wasn't. I just wanted to share information so that people are aware that this is not a magic solution and that brings a lot of side-effects that can compromise the balance of a PvP environment. For example, use the settings you posted above, force tame a Basilisk, give it max experience and put all levels into speed and tell me this is not broken.

    This is just a replacement until wildcard makes unofficial users able to put points in speed on flyers to ps4 users once again.

    They unfortunately have no plan for that and they confirmed it 2 weeks ago:

    There are several ways to counter the speed problem for land dinos. Simply make it add less to the speed stat.

    Keep in mind it will nerf the species that do not have an additive bonus into speed. There is even some that have a negative additive bonus (the Allo for example have a -0.1 which in theory should result in -50% instead of -10% -- unless they have an internal check that prevent the multiplier from being applied to negative value).

    Also I stated above it only works if you retame your tames. If you already have tames they will still be very slow. Now if you go tame a new one itll actually show you how fast it is going I have some of my old tames still and they're reallllllly slow compared to my new ones we even tested to see if they were faster

    Yes, and I addressed that in my previous post. This is caused by the caching data that is stored in the APrimalDinoCharacter class. That cached value might be refreshed at any time based on some aspect of the game and sometimes the game forget to re-use that setting and reset to default speed. I've dug a lot in the past to find an alternative that doesn't requires mods. I went as far as coding a scripting engine allowing me to run python code within the game processes (sig-scanning, memory detouring, NOP instructions injecting, etc. in order to bypass certain conditions) and always came to same results; there is no way to make this 100% works server-side unless you replicate the same client-side (which will get your account globally banned by BE).

    I don't know why it doesn't it's weird but this will make it better for some people. Once I figure out how to make the bigger ones go faster I'll also post it.

    This is very easy to explain why. Let's break down the functionality of each setting:

    1. PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[9]=1.5

    This one is a multiplier that multiply by 1.5 the increase of speed domesticated level ups gives (level gained with xp). Since flyers speed cannot be increased, that multiplier is useless for flyers but will makes all land creatures 150% faster if they have levels spent into speed.

    1. PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild[9]=5

    This one is a multiplier that multiply the base stat by 5. Flyers all have a base speed stat of 0 (which is translated to 100%) . 0 * 5 = 0. That setting won't affect flyers. In fact, it won't affect any creatures because all creatures have a base speed of 0; hence why speed points are often called "wasted". What control the speed of a creature, is a multiplier that is applied directly to the velocity vector by the movement engine every frame and is predicted client-side. These are hard-coded per specie and even if you could change them using an hex editor (assuming you have access to the uasset files on consoles), this will looks terrible on client because all movement are predicted before being networked and approved by the server. The "candies" for example, are only applies the speed server-side and is making the flight visually very "laggy" on client.

    1. PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Add[9]=5

    This one is a multiplier that is added regardless of the taming effectiveness. For example, a Pteranodon have it set to 0.35. So if you have it set to 5, they will gain 0.35 * 5 = 1.75 bonus once tamed. Which will translates to 100% base + 175% additive bonus = 275%. This setting will affect all creatures that have an additive bonus applied to speed. For example, Raptor have 0.2 so they would have 100% base + (0.2 * 5 = 100%) = 200% speed once tamed. Many others have an additive bonus, so you will have insanely fast land creatures since they can also level up into speed.

    1. PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed_Affinity[9]=5

    This one is a multiplier that is affecting the "multiplier" bonus. Basically, every stats have 2 kinds of bonus applied once tamed; one is an additive as mentioned above and the other is a multiplier that is affected by the taming effectiveness. For example you have 50% taming effectiveness on your tame, that multiplier will be halved, etc. Since there is no creature that have a multiplier bonus into speed, that setting will have no effect at all.

    In conclusion, 3 of the 4 settings are useless here. The only one that "works" is the third one listed above. It will also only affects the one that have an additive bonus applied once taming. However, you will see that it will be very inconsistent for speed. Sometimes you will see your flyer flying at regular speed even tho the displayed stat it correctly reflecting the additive bonus. The reason being that the speed is not re-calculated every frame and is cached and under certain circumstances won't be re-calculated for a while. This can happens when uploaded, when server restarts, when cryogenized, or simply when going out of stasis. For the same reason your flyers that were tamed before you changed that setting doesn't "move" at the new speed but display it in their inventory. That value is cached and might be refreshed at any time especially on busy servers that run for a long time.

    Sorry for the wall of text.