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    Hi, expansion servers are sold out atm. G-Portal will add more hardware so that more expansion servers will be available. There isn't an ETA. ATLAS is an early access release I don't think anyone was anticipating the issue that have unfolded. There is not any reason to "lose hope". We keep pressing, things get updated and we enjoy until the next glitch/bug/issue arises. Then we squash that bug, the devs patch and on to the next one. Take care

    So basically I have nothing.....until they add stuff.....I know I know but I have spent the last week convincing everyone on my servers to give up other games, merging a second cloud and adding time to it, so that we could migrate to the stars align and there is no expansions....if I go with a one grid, then it will wipe everything when I add expansions later, at least that's what I think it says. Not losing my mind here, but its frustrating.

    i keep trying to explain to my gaming friends that you are not the only ones having issues over and over again but they are starting to get really salty because i had already brought down the other game server for the game they were playing, because everyone expected this to be in a semi playable state 7 days after launch. Now i have been staring at this "we are adding more hardware " popup for the past 12 hours, and can't change my spawn area to an island that's not a frozen island so you can never get warm. then if i so much as change a setting and reboot the server, i need to reset it a thousand times to get that one square up so people can actually see it on steam. Yes, we are frustrated and i'm running out of good vibes.

    This exactly, everyone who threw some money in wants to know why the server is still counting down days I have left when I am sitting here with an unusable product.