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    Hey so I just setup a RUST server and right off it was slow and full of lag, I just a support ticket in right now but I have to say wow! I have not see lag this bad in a game server in a long time.

    Just say :P


    Yes gportal_597329 you are correct, the reinstall button did not work.

    I did a test to where I made a folder called "Am-I-still-here" via FTP and then ran the reinstall, after it was done I refreshed the FTP and the folder was gone but not all the files was removed and reinstalled. However I know you can run the RCON command #restart however that will just restart the mission and your looking to do a full server restart right?

    NOTE: Don't forget to backup your server (if you want to roll back to it)

    Here is what I did and it worked. Now I'm not saying this is the right way, but worked for me...

    1. Stop the server via the Dash Bored.
    2. Login to your server via FTP. (Using a FTP client like FileZilla )
    3. Backup all files (if you want to keep the server or roll back later).
    4. Select all of the folders and files and delete them.
    5. Let that run until its done.
    6. Go back to the Dash Bored and click the reinstall button.
    7. Restart the server and join to see if its been reset.

    I hope this helps.

    Hi Fmslick, this is an amazing project you have undertaken. Please reach out to support with what you want to accomplish. I believe it is doable but you will need their assistance with those complexities. Take care and keep us posted.

    That was going to be my next move, I will keep this post updated on the out come and if we can get it to work I will make a how-to.

    Hiya, this info may or may not help you, but, once you have chosen the mods you want under the Mods tab, that you go back to Basic settings and scroll down to mod settings. On the left you will see " Selected" on the right, " Available" drag them from available to selected and then click the save button. Then restart the server. Hope this helps :) Have fun

    This is just to add on to what Haddie Lee said: Here is the link to the wiki for adding mods in Ark…_Evolved:_Installing_mods

    Thanks Fmslick. That's how we do it, I love tinkering with modding but the games are coming faster than I can get stuff figured out. So I am glad you are here and helping the community. Take care

    You're welcome daenrys7 & i am new to modding and the server for dayz (most are at this point) but I have ran other servers before with mods. So this one is just another learning curve :thumbsup:

    The only issue I am having is that I can't edit the startup command lines and the mod DayZ Standalone Vanilla++ requires to add "-mod=ModdedScripts -config=NameOfFolderFromStep1\serverDZ.cfg -profiles=NameOfFolderFromStep1 -name=myServerNam" to the startup lines. On my test server from steam I have got it to work and even removed most of that line to see what I need and don't need.

    The other thing is the way the file tree is here vs the file tree from the steam server tool, they are not the same and well that is to be expected however its coming to the point to where I am needing some help lol

    I made another post about this so we don't hijack this one anymore, You can find the other post here--> Issue With The Mod DayZ Vanilla++ Mission by DaOne


    Let me start by saying I am new to the dayz sa modding world at this point (I think just about everyone is?), I have hosted other game servers w/ mods in the pass so I am just getting the learning curve down and etc for DayZ SA.

    Here is a link to the mod on GitHub

    The issue I am having with this mod:

    1. Can not edit startup command line.
    2. When joining the server it just crashes or restarts w/ nothing in logs.
    3. Reinstall does not remove all files and installs a fresh new copy of the server.

    With the list up there^ maybe someone can help me out here?

    I have sent in a support ticket about the startup command line edit and that can not be done "simply add the mods via FTP @mymod in the root dir and you will see it and be able to activate it , direct command line access is not possible" -BradF and I understand why no access to the startup command line. however trying "@ModdedScripts" & "ModdedScripts" the server didn't find the mod or well that I know of!! (could not join to find out)...

    Moving on to the server crashing:

    After the files are uploaded (.\mpmissions\DayZSurvival.chernarusplus) , (.\ModdedScripts) & serverDZ.cfg is edited ( class Missions { class DayZ { template="DayZSurvival.chernarusplus"; }; }; ) 3 thing will happen when starting/running the sever,

    1: the server will not show up in the server listing in-game even looking for it via IP:PORT.

    2: when it does show up and you join you get to the load screen and then nothing.

    3: The server will crash or so it would seem and just restart without any errors in the logs (that I can find)


    Next the reinstall button, show clicking the "reinstall" button reinstall a fresh new copy of the server w/ all the files I uploaded / edited be removed?

    The file tree here .VS. the file tree from the steam server tool:

    They are not the some but to be expected, due to the way the server is hosted here vs the steam server tool so its really not to much of an issue other than having to keep in-mind when editing the files you need to know where that are on the host here vs test server. lol

    Oh and one last thing, it would see the server here at G-portal is not the same as the steam server tool as to I can join my test server in experimental mode but can't join the one that is hosted here.

    I hope this will help in the future!



    simply add the mods via FTP @mymod in the root dir and you will see it and be able to activate it, But direct command line access is not possible


    Very nice man! Thanks for these!

    yeah n/p

    There is a Mod called DayZ Standalone Vanilla++ project on Github that adds even more Admin Commands that can be ran in chat in-game "/command xxxx" ... I am working on how to add it on to my server hosted here but this last update is giving me issue with my server not showing up even after a re-install but when I get it working I will post a how to in the dayz forum.


    I don't know a lot about the ARK server but after do some google I found this link

    "Windows & Linux Dedicated Servers now support automatic mod download/installation/updating! Just add "-automanagedmods" to your launch commandline and it will do so before the server launches"

    I don't know how G-Portal has the launch commanline setup but if "-automanagedmods" is in there then the mods are being updated, if not you could submit a support ticket asking for this to be added to the launch commanline...


    OR in most game servers you can backup all your mods via FTP (download all the mods folders and etc) then upload a new up-to-date copy of the mods and overwrite the old ones. maybe try this out on one or two mods before doing them all!?! just to test it out.

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    lolololol I guess I am just to fast for the forum to keep up. :thumbsup:

    I'm not good at jokes! :S

    It's not bad, seen better but for how it works and the way it links into everything is nice. needs some fixing here and there but what website is 100% working.

    good job guys


    I don't know much on how the ARK server works or setting but have you looked in the G-Portal wiki?

    As well from just doing some digging around in the wiki it looks as if you would have FTP to the ARK server and you could upload the old savegame files and then select the saved game in the Server Settings.

    This link is for how to backup a savegame but I bet you could do this the other way around and upload a saved game!…_Evolved:_Savegame_backup

    However I could be wrong :p