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    Hey there, hive mind. I performed a dino wipe today on the server I admin, and after 30 minutes the only thing on the entire map was .... about 10 otters. I tried it again, 30 minutes later same thing. I've done a few google searches, and most of what I'm coming up with is stuff about resetting local servers, etc. What I'm looking for is how to fix this on the GPortal server. Help!

    Hey there, folks. Another question for the hive mind. I'm having a bit of trouble with a EU server that I admin - none of our patreons (or the rest of us) seem to be able to access the server. Upon loading in we receive the following error: Mod Version Mismatch.

    Here's the thing. Files on the PC side are updated, and we use auto update in the GPortal manager, which tells us that nothing needs to be updated. We've tried resetting the server, uninstalling and reinstalling the mods through the GPortal manager, plus verifying files on the PC side. No one can get in, and it continues to give this error. What am missing?

    Another odd thing - the server says there are 4 people active, but when viewed through steam or through the game, the server says no one is active.

    Has anyone encountered this weirdness before? The server owner submitted a ticket on the EU side, but in the meantime I've been searching the boards and the internet for an answer.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Hi there!

    On the g-portal Ark server I admin EU side we would like to have the Valentine's event running starting now for the entire month of February. I have checked the V-Day option, saved the settings, restarted the server, and performed a dinowipe. We are not currently seeing pink/red/white dinos spawning. Is there perhaps another setting I need to enable to get these pink dinos to spawn for our PvE server?


    Side note: I'm asking here because the forums on the EU side are in German, but the management panel is the same.