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    Hi does anyone know of a good Atlas 1x1 map to play on our server?, we tried Blackwood and B2 I think it is but don't really like them much, something a bit like the G-portal 1x1 they had at launch would be good I just can't seem to find anything that sound's or look's good and it's a bit of a pain manually trying them all.

    So are there any map's or is there a way to get pirate's into our server's ? As I understand it they are in single player private games and dedicated server's, isn't this a dedicated server?:|

    Yes I have had tickets in for this and they pretty much are just giving out blanket answer msg's now with no real help

    saying unlock the home clamp and set maxdiscoveries to 100 which as we all know doesn't help. I have even tried leaving the server shut down

    for 15 min inbetween config changes so the ftp can catch up but no luck there either.

    Well you can choose a higher number I have gone up in both setting's from 50 to 200 the problem is I don't think the ftp is getting the msg.

    Should your server be ofline before saving changes and restarting or will making changes saving then restarting work the same.

    I was a customer long before the Atlasgate issue and my server was up and running fine finally an hour ago now it's just dead all say's it up and running here but Steam say's otherwise and password's don't work as for the ticket system well I could very well be dead before anybody get's around to it currently, bit hard to install new gear and run shop at the same time staff shortage seem's an issue at gportal for sure.

    Hi all anyone else having trouble with server password's not working ?

    Mine appeared ok but now it is most certainly not I have tried changing it and server reboot but no luck.:rolleyes:

    I mentioned how to access these options in this thread: Change Message of the Day, PVP to PVE, and points per level?

    This is just the way to work around and get your server working correctly faster at the moment. If you don't want to do it, that's fine. You can wait for the server control panel to get updated. This released during the holiday season and GPortal is still putting in time to try and get things working and I think that's commendable because I wouldn't want to be working constantly during this time of the year. If your unhappy with GPortal, then I suggest opening a ticket.

    I had to laugh @ your comment about working through this time of year ,your clearly young I have worked through many Holiday season's as an adult with wife and kid's it's not always your choice as for the ticket well i have more than I could count . No my single biggest problem was renting a server here for a 3 month block that is fully on me for being stupid and not trying gportal before buying that much time, the fact that gportal still can't get this working when so many other providers have is clearly on them they must not have employee's with the required skill level, maybe the pay is crap and good techs don't want to work here or maybe the techs are fine and there working with crap I don't know or care, my only concern is gportal selling a service that they clearly can't provide.

    I feel your pain I just went through all this and in the end after you have done all you can, the final thing that fixed mine was just sitting for a day no idea what the was about christmas miricle I believe cause it wasn't fixed by this lot. now if only the good fairy would fly by and fix my god damn multiplier setting's I could have a winner though i'm just not brave enough to waste anymore money on this the way it's being run so 1x1 cluster i gonna be stuck with for awhile untill some one here can impress me some good solid tec surport and work skills.

    Well damn basicaly I am paying for a service with an easy to use ui that should be working what happens between it and their ftp site is just not my problem , if I wanted the hassle of manually writing and configring all manner of game ini files I would be using / running rcon and ark server managaer on a few spare pc's from home or using " Streamline Servers" as their's are all up and runnning cluster's fine and far cheaper than gportal but you pretty much have to write and code your own stuff as 60 is approaching I have no interest in doing this which is why i'm here after a bit of that great german teck shame it's seems to be all in Germany, I take it you guy's at gportal do relise that most of the other sizable server companies have atlas up and running to clusters fine now. So blameing all the problems on wildcard and the dev team at atlas would seem like just looking for someone to blame. I have had ticket's going for days now everytime something finally works another problem comes along ,I finally got to play on my server for an hour this afternoon for a first time in 5 days however it was all at standard rates which the official isn't even doing at the moment and I'm still waiting on a fix for that. sigh...

    Atlas is currently updating to 7.9 so there is no way this isn't adding to the delay and causing more headaches for all involved, my server is up and running but I can't find it so i'm just hanging back till Atlas has finished the update then i'll go through all the motions again for the 147th time in the last 5 day's.

    Hi just curious if anyone know's when some gportal Tec's will be back on the job from holiday break as this dropping server thing is clearly affecting quite a few people.:|

    Hi all I have an Atlas server which is just the very very basic one gportal can supply at the moment and while it worked for half an hour now it's stop one minute after starting it up.

    I have rebooted, stopped started and delete it and made a new one several time's over no response to a ticket and I'm all but ready to look for a new server host many of whom already offer 3x3 grid's of Atlas not just one that won't start.