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    As per the subject. Friends & I were in-game, chugging along, having a good time, when it became apparent that we had lost connection. Got kicked to the main menu. On trying to reconnect, server does not show in the server select menus. I logged into the server to check its status; GPortal says that my server is up, but CPU usage is at zero, and RAM usage is at zero. Suggestions?

    I've been running a small server (10 people) for a little while now. This morning (EST), at the request of my players, I added a small QoL mod in addition to the ones we're already running. I added it to my server list just like I did the others. It's displaying appropriately on the server list. Launching Conan Exiles, the game doesn't show that mod as being on the server at all. We're unable to load into the server because the game insists our mods don't match.

    I stopped the server appropriately to add the mod. I've since performed a server restart. The server still shows the mod as present, while Conan Exiles insists it isn't. Any advice? Is this a delay on G-Portal's side, maybe just something I have to wait a few minutes on?

    I'm trying to use the mobile version of the website to text a link for my friend to donate to our private Conan Exiles server. The "Copy" button lights up when I tap on it, but does not actually copy the link to the clipboard. I am also unable to highlight and copy/paste the partially-displayed link. I tried using the full website on my home pc, received the super-helpful "you cannot donate to yourself" pop-up, and was unable to locate any sort of information or link I could share with my friend. Please advise.