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    Could someone be so kind as to give a step by step process to getting the expansions to the server.

    I have edited the cloud and paid for 30 more slots to add to my 10 for a total of 40 slots. I have chosen the 2x2 custom map. and picked B2 for a spawn point. on my server settings it says i only have used 10 of 40 slots. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something here.

    Just wondering if there was any updates on expansion servers for atlas?

    Pure speculation on my part , but i doubt we will see anything till after the 1st of the year. That's just my wild guess.

    The Developers and publishers of the Game Dropped the ball on this release in my honest opinion. Their timing was less than stellar.

    I experienced the same . and this is what i found out through trial and error . First off, I have found that you cannot join last server through JOIN LAST;

    After you find and select your server in server list and it takes you to the map that has server info on one side and map on the other do not click the grid on the map it will then start putting you through to other servers even though you see the name of your server. What i have to do is to make sure after getting to that screen is to type the name of my server in the search ( full Name) . Then wait for it to find the session. I spent 2 hours trying to get to my server only to be directed to random servers other than my own . Until i noticed that every time i clicked the grid on the map the server info on the right side would scroll to another server . I typed in my server name in the search and lo and behold i connected to the right server

    Unfortunately tonight i cant even get on to my server. Its telling me invalid password again. or the password works and then wants me to create another character.

    When i look at the server info The name of my server is right, but all the settings it shows active are completely different then what i have set in server settings it will even show that there is 20 slots when really all i have is 10

    Just wondering if anyone has heard how this will work, and pricing. I do realize that Gportal gave us a starting grid to play on for now, but right now we have 4 of the same Islands. Essentially one island . Will we be able to customize what grids we want. I certainly wouldn't want to pay for a server with four of the same islands.

    I'm sure this will get sorted out in time. Main reason for posting this is to find out if others are having the same issue as me and if they have found any workarounds.

    I have been able to get on my NA server and play. When rejoining in game menu though it will either

    1. take me to character creation and want me to recreate toon or

    2. it will take me to a server that has the same name as mine but with all the settings at default and require no password ( I have password set on my server). its almost as though there are 2 servers .

    so when i click join new atlas and brings up the server list I will have to wait for it to populate then put in name of server in the filter. Most time it will see it . and i click to join and it will do one of 2 things

    1. Find session, ask for password and then I'm able to join or

    2. Tell me that there are no sessions and puts me back to square one

    has anyone run into this and do you know of a workaround

    Thanks in advance

    Could you direct me to where you seen this information as well. If this is the case i may have to reconsider