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    Yes. Same here . almost afraid to touch anything now .

    Installed and online . Just doing the waiting for server to show up in the list thing. sometimes it pop's right up sometimes it takes 3-4 times refreshing

    I see that server settings have been updated one my server and i can now get on my server with no issues Thanks , but will i need to hover over the add expansions tab all day hoping to click it before anyone else does. I'm afraid if I don't I'll be waiting even longer to get the expansions. is there an ETA ? other than Shortly

    Hi, expansion servers are sold out atm. G-Portal will add more hardware so that more expansion servers will be available. There isn't an ETA. ATLAS is an early access release I don't think anyone was anticipating the issue that have unfolded. There is not any reason to "lose hope". We keep pressing, things get updated and we enjoy until the next glitch/bug/issue arises. Then we squash that bug, the devs patch and on to the next one. Take care

    daenrys7 ,

    As much as I appreciate your optimism . My issue is now I cant play at all. I deleted my server and reinstalled as was told to do in ticket i submitted. Now my server will not even stay online. and then we were told to back off on submitting tickets that they were aware of the issues and we shouldn't "flood" with putting in tickets. I have to feel guilty for submitting a ticket asking why my server will not stay online now. to add insult to Injury I cant even join the NA official PVE servers were my friends play because of connection issues with their servers.

    I really don't know, but from what i understand, i pre-ordered everything, and there has been a lot of misunderstanding, including on my part. Like the 20 slots gets split up to 10/10, so even i had to buy more slots. Then, there are folks buying way more slots than i think they will need as well, so there is that, how do you calculate how much you need when say you are basing it on faulty information and on pre-order sales. There is just no way to know if when you launch the ext servers that 1000 people will show up and buy you out. It happens everywhere everyday somewhere. So I totally get your frustration and understand 100% where you are coming from mate, but unless there are stats that you can reliably go by, static as it were, to can't plan for dynamics like sudden demand or changing requirements. It's like an all you can eat buffet, they have tons of food, but are they prepared for 25 buses full of very hungry over eaters swinging in for a snack?

    And that would be why you always plan for the worst and hope for the best

    yes, but i had all my expansions before but i was short 10 slots, so i recreated my server to get those extra 10 back in and now it won't let me add them back. Does this mean they gave my extras to someone else in the entire 5 mins it took me?

    I thought of this very thing .

    I was hovering the "add expansion" all day and i bet i was one of the first to click it. While trying to figure out how many slots i needed and then purchasing them going back to find out I couldn't add them was a bit disheartening especially when i was told that they sold out of hardware. Someone beat me to it . I'm not really sure why they would say they were ready to put out the expansion if they didn't have the Hardware in place.

    Yeah the kicker is that now for whatever reason i cant even get on the NA PVE official server. I get a "cant fetch server info and it times out". seems 100's of others cant either . I can get on the PVP servers just fine. So I just sit here listening to my friends on discord having a blast. All while watching streams.

    Not sure how long shortly is, but this is what was explained to me. Sold out of hardware Shortly after purchasing 40 slots.

    I am willing to bet there are a lot of customers now that have non-functioning servers because they didn't plan correctly for the needed hardware. I wish that I too had not deleted my server before figuring out that they really wasn't prepared because now we are paying for a service that we currently unable to use.

    In the fear of sounding a bit to "salty" I'm afraid your right.

    I don't want to take away from the fact that I know they are working hard to fix things. But My game time is just limited to about 1 good day out of the week. The rest of the week is real life stuff, so you could imagine that i was hovering over the add expansion tab all day.

    I'm sure i was one of the first to click it. unfortunately that's where my problems started. I'm not so much worried about the money that was taken. I know that they are fare and will credit as they have already done once without fail as promised. I'm just disappointed, and frustrated that this extra hardware wasn't in place prior to taking it live.

    I do hope it is fixed soon

    Glad its not just me.

    I ended up deleting and re-creating the server, and now it wont even stay up haha.

    Think they have some bugs, but they are working very hard so just keep reporting the issues and we should have it going soon :D

    it was suggested from ticket that i delete and re create server and now i have the same issue will not stay up for more than 10 seconds

    Hi You can do it. Is this the first Early Access Game you've played? I know this one has been hard on us all (players, tech, and devs). Continue to stay positive, because it all works out in the long run. Thank you and take care

    No this is't the first EA game. Many under my belt. But this one is on the top of the list for the worst launch category. If there was an award for it they would get it