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    Hello Ztbman, I believe you can only name the ones you tame by feeding them gold. At least that's what I gathered from the ATLAS wiki.

    Correct me if I'm wrong , But it sounds like Ztbman might be asking for the admin spawn command for NPC's so that the NPC's could be spawned in there role playing town. instead of needing to go to the freeport to get them.

    Looks like an update was pushed through tonight . Any one else having connection Issues like me.

    On another note. Will there be an option to add server expansions to the existing 2x2 map i have. Say for instances I wanted to add 1 or2 more . Could i add that to the map i have now. and would i have the ability to pick my custom map?

    So Now engine and configuration tabs added, along with more settings, The settings and .ini do filter down into all Clustered servers. Working on more now, Sorry for the absence, Besides rest, been working non-stop on everyone's servers and issues, and i think we finally can say things are on a stable ground and should just get better from here on in :)

    Thanks for the Help Brad

    Been Playing for 2 days strait . no issues at all

    I opened a ticket this morning, and they said they're hard at work trying to get everyone's server updated. So expect it to be down until wildcard is done releasing updates every couple hours. (So if you think of it, g-portal is constantly trying to play catch-up with wildcard... I honestly don't blame them for the troubles)

    Exactly my point. Wildcard needs to get it together.

    I'm ready to call it quits. I'm waiting the weekend. If by Monday evening comes and things are still messed up I'm done with it. Ive wasted to much time on this already.

    I'm still getting timed out . This is ridiculous. Could someone from g portal please get on the hotline to studio wildcard

    and ask what the hell is going on please !!!!

    I am having the same issue as well. Was working on a wipe with Brad earlier. wipe was done on his end for my 2x2. Got all set on my end with re adding expansions. all set . restarted and I get timed out message as well. cannot connect. all looks good on my end.

    That all sounds a bit unusual, especially the characters not being synced. The way it works is all the servers connect to one redis database, so they should all be synced. Unless there is something wrong with the ID or something. I think they are just madly trying to fix things and unfortunately sometimes breaking them.

    Hopefully it will all be 100% soon, did you guys see the email we got today? Basically explaining where they are and whats next.

    It may sound unusual but here I Am looking at me of when i was at when i first crossed the server a couple of days ago. I seen a schooner on the map and went to investigate and there i was just on the other side of the server . also my friend crossed over and he lost 10 levels and also clothes changed to what he was wearing 10 levels earlier


    Yeah I,m kind of in limbo now. Brad was looking into the issue of one of my expansion servers not staying online and he said he had to reset two of my servers . Now they are out of sync when you cross over to the other server you can see yourself in a earlier time. Also the character that crosses over will change to the level and state he was last time in the server. So the servers are out of sync now . must be two of the servers were rolled back.

    I will add my 2 cents to this.

    While I understand that I'm sure everyone there works there tail off. I must say that the communication is lacking in the area of answered tickets.

    I Take the time to completely describe my Issue. I lay out the trouble shooting I have done, All i ever see is copied and pasted replies. In fact the response is so generic I don't think they even read what i have put in the ticket aside from maybe looking at what game its for ,and the title.

    From my stand point it looks like Anthony copies and pastes Stuff that Brad writes. It was obvious that My last ticket was not even read. Just a word of advice. Personalizing Your Replies in tickets, even if its just enough to show that you even took the time to read what I said , would go a long way

    I restarted server and all expansions are named as same as main server. Was finally able to get logged into main server and to my base . The walls are blue and look like they can be passed through but I'm not trying until my ticket is answered .

    I'm going to link my Issue from another thread here in the Atlas thread . After adding expansions and then assigning them to the maps i tried traveling to another grid and it showed me going into B1 and then timed out and kicked me and now i cannot even get on " unable to query server info" I have tried restarting servers and expansions with no luck. others are able to join the main server but me. I thought it kind of strange that after adding the servers and assigning them one of thee server expansions changed the name to the same as my main server .

    Red Walls forum link

    I have an Issue as well . I assigned all the expansions for my 2x2 A1,A2, B1,B2 . A1 was the main server , after restarting i noticed that one of the expansion servers was named the same as the main server . I logged in through one of my Friends and went through the wall to see if it worked . it showed me going through the wall into B1 and then just timed out and kicked me . Now i cannot even get back in to my server I get a network failure unable to query server info.