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    I had one player that was with us on my ship and he yelled out . Look out for the island your going to run right into it !

    Of course there was no Island for the rest of the players. It was a ghost island that only he could see . This was on a 2x2 map. The other we have experienced traveling from server to server but was fixed after turning off aging and then having the person use a fountain of youth . restoring him to 20 Years old

    Added this 3x3, which has all power stones and bosses as well today


    That Map looks very tempting. But not sure if I'm ready for another wipe. Cost would be the other factor. but nice looking map just the same.

    It is strange. I set static aging and i was -27000 . re logged and i was 20.

    Not the case for others on the server. one of the guys is - 37000 on two of the servers and 37000 on the other two. I tried spawning a fountain of youth but it will not stay. Not sure if my pirate and buccaneers map even has a fountain of youth.

    What I would like to know is why Gportal cant give some kind of explanation of this new feature and explain what needs to be done and answer some basic questions.

    Maybe its just me, but they have been very quiet these days. Maybe I'm searching the wrong area of the forums.

    G Portal Notice given

    Atlas Due to the large size of the atlas update, servers are updating a bit slower than normal. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are working to have everything updated as soon as possible.

    What is funny is atlas twitter said it was a small update.

    Well, All I can say Is I"m very disappointed I currently have the 2x2 pirate and Buccaneer Map , and if you look at the Map which i did before choosing it it has power stone location markers and Maw marker along with the ghost ship route. I wanted to find out more information about this particular map so i put in a ticket to ask .

    Anthony replied to it telling me the only maps that have bosses and Powerstones is 4x4 fun boss map and the 5x5 kraken cove.

    So I purchased a map with no game content other than building ships? what then are the markers on the map that say power stones? Where is the the content that make up the game. So your saying that in order to have the content that the Devs intended to have in the game your telling me that i need to spend more money for a different map and wipe all our progress so far. Your Map Pirates and buccaneers shows power stones markers and other markers . That is kind of deceiving or misleading that that stuff is included with that map. as you do not have any description of what your paying for from the start other than a picture of a Map.

    So this morning I quickly put in a ticket for this issue before heading out to work . Was replied to very quickly by Brad. All looked good from my end. I am home now and logged into the game just fine ,but I see in game my expansions will put up the red wall about every 15 - 20 seconds at about 5-10 seconds each,
    non stop .

    when i look at my g portal control panel it shows all good ,and online. So I think I 'm still having some kind of issue ? I tried restarting all of the servers and now one of the other expansions is doing the same ? Player in that area says he is rubber banding all over the place.