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    If I click the config tab and change settings in the main server will it update the expansion servers as well or do i need to edit all the servers ?

    "the old maps are not going to be updated. We do not have any further information regarding the new maps and what they have on them."

    There is the answer.

    The Problem here is the consistent lack of information for the customers. I have suggested multiple times that they could at the least give some brief description of what content is included in the maps. So we could make an educated guess on what we are getting . There is nothing worse than getting a map thinking it will have certain content only to find out that it doesn't . Which will require a wipe to change to another map. and that doesn't sit well with the folks that are on your server. and i don't blame them at all.

    My server has been updating for a few hours. So now I'm wondering if i even need to get a new map. Or are they updating the old content ones as well?

    Again, lack of information. I put in a ticket to ask some very basic questions. and apparently they do not inform customer support of this information before hand

    I would like to get some info on the new Atlas g portal Maps if i may.

    Now that 1.5 is live i see that there are (old content) and some new maps . I had the 3x3 biomes and powerstones by Phlex and would like to switch to another 3x3 with the new content .

    I see that there is only one available. My first question is . Will this be the only one available. If so, is all the game content in this map? I don't want what happened the last time and find out later that it does not have the content in how the game was meant to be . Is there a description somewhere on what the new 3x3 Three oceans consists of

    I don't know about your first question ,but if you chose 30 days it will run for 30 days and you have the option to extend the time buy paying for another month. You could also set it to extend run time automatically by making sure you have money in loaded in your cloud. You also get discount for running your duration longer periods of time.

    I've had this server the day the game came out and it has never taken 30 minutes or less. It takes hours , and in some cases. Usually 2 specific grids it has been taking 3-6 hours. Which then takes multiple tickets to get it sorted. If people are getting there server updates in 30 minutes or less I'm very jealous.

    Not to mention the grapeshots timing on there updates is horrible ., but then again I guess it will be always horrible for someone somewhere no matter what. Friday night though . Prime time !!

    Anyone from G Portal able to jump in here and provide some confirmation on a gportal wipe. Will our maps need to be wiped to make way for the upcoming changes .

    Also will the maps get changed up or will they stay the same just updated ?.

    Anyone else experiencing constant server timeouts tonight. Everyone on the server is experiencing timeouts and random lock ups. As soon as you get in game roughly a minute into it and get kicked with server timeout.

    Do all Atlas server providers/hosting companies have 7+ hour updates while the official servers are up in minutes or is this just a G-Portal thing?

    Who knows , every update that happens takes longer and longer. Maybe Gportal would like to give some insight into how or why it takes so long. I'm sure there is a lot of inner workings but these updates every night during prime time gets old after awhile. I kind of wish the Devs would spread these updates out a bit.

    Seems like no matter how much i change it in the settings I see no difference. I have the value for day set as low as 0.1 and night set hi for shorter nights ,and no change at all. I want long days and real real short nights. just doesn't work.

    For me and the other players there was no island . but you could hear the hull scrape on the rocks through the other players mic. We all rolled with the fact that he was seeing things and was going a tad bit crazy. I spawned the fountain of youth into the game