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    Hi. I recently paid for a server & I don't know how to get to it.

    I have all the information eg, Hostname, Port, user id & password.

    I just don't know how to access my new server.

    Please Help


    If you are in the US always keep an eye on the .us vs the .com, you need to be login into the and not ..

    I have has issues with this my self and ever here on the forum as you can see my name is Fmslick1 well "Fmslick" is my real username but some up my username got lost or something and it made another ACC with that username but no way to login to that ACC.. Anyhow just keep an eye on tha URLS.

    i am trying to create a starting loadout for my rented server. i want to start with a gun and other items instead of a glowstick and rags.... but cant find what configuration file to change. can anyone help me find what file? i will do the rest. i see threads online but nothing recent. and nothing on gportal.


    You will need 2 files the types.xml and init.c to add in loot at spawn.

    The types.xml file holds the names of the loot and is how the server/game sees the loot via code!

    The init.c file tells the server/game what to spawn player with!

    shall we get started?

    1. Stop the server: Click the start/stop slider.


    You can backup your server by clicking "Backup" under the Administration tab on the servers page and then click the "CREATE BACKUP" button.

    This will put your server into maintenance mode and the backup will start in the background.

    When done your server will be out of maintenance mode and we can move on to the next step.


    3. FTP: (NOTE If you delete data on the FTP server, this is permanently deleted. Make a backup before editing.)

    Connect to your server via FTP by using Filezilla or whatever FTP client you like.

    You can find your FTP info in the Status section of your server under the "Settings" tab under "Access data" login to your server via FTP.

    Now that you are in navigate to /ROOT_OF_SERVER/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus/db/ look for types.xml (download this file you will need it later BUT do not fuss about in the DB folder).

    Next is the init.c file navigate to /ROOT_OF_SERVER/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus/ look for init.c (download the file)


    4. Text Editer:

    Using your favorite text editor (Notepad++ or Atom) open the file types.xml (This is just for the names of the loot so the server/game can read them)

    In this file is all the names of the loot, so say you are looking for an AK47 it would look something like " <type name="AK74"> " and so on " <type name="WHATEVER_NAME_HERE"> " DayZ loot names may help with what type of loot you are wanting.

    Now we need to add the code in to make players spawn in with set loot:

    Open the file init.c and look for these lines of code


    Replace with:

    That's it, save the file init.c and re-upload it back to your server /ROOT_OF_SERVER/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus/ init.c

    5: Start server the same way you stopped it and then join your server. NOTE: you will have to be a fresh spawn to get the loot.


    player.GetHumanInventory().CreateInHands("M4A1"); /*Puts in players hands*/

    gun.GetInventory().CreateAttachment("M4_CarryHandleOptic"); /*Gives player attachment*/

    addMags(player, "Mag_STANAG_30Rnd", 3); /* Gives player ammo magazines */

    player.GetInventory().CreateInInventory("WaterBottle"); /*Puts in players Inventory*/

    case 2: primary = smgClass(player); break; /*IF you want to add more then 3 classes then you need to copy this code in the "Random Play Class Spawn" and add +1 to the # by case as well a new class name: case 2: primary = NEWNAMEHEREClass(player); break; */

    I hope this helps