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    I put my steam ID in and it still says I don't have access?

    Make sure you turn the server off, then put in the steam id, then click save , then start the server. If it still doesn't work, double check the steam ID, make sure you didn't miss a number.

    Is it just your friend that is having the problem? If it is just him/her, I would say they have a internet issue. If it is more than just him, it could be mods. Mods loading will slow down a load to the point that you will time out before the user can load all of them. If you add new mods, and your users don't have the mods already on their machine, the server will load them automatically, but that will take a few minutes , and they could time out before they finish that.

    I don't know how it works for SCUM, but with Ark, when the user activates the game to play, they will see down in the bottom right of the screen, before they even get to the server select screen, " Updating Mod " do not attempt to join the server until this process is complete. How long that takes depends on the users internet, and computer. It could be as simple as that. I only have 2 or 3 people that play on my server, and I see them everyday in real life, so I tell them if a mod updates, or I add mods, so they can activate the game, and go ahead and load them, before they attempt to play. If they don't play for a bit, and let the mod updates back up, then time out trying to load them all, then that's their problem.

    So with all this being said,, I am just a player like you, I only pass on advise from things I've experienced, I am not technical support, and have no ability to fix your server, if you try the advise that I have given you, and continue to have the same issues, then you need to fill out a support ticket. If it is just the one user that is having the problem, then that is not a server issue , that is a internet , or potato computer issue.

    Good luck my friend, hope things work out for ya....

    been down for about 2 3/4 hours now not sure when it will be back up. have had 2 of my players unable to play due to character corruption and i can login to fix it for them. yay

    Yeah, I use the fly command for building, but there is a bug , either with Ark, or Gportal. If you use the fly command, then log out, if you log back in you won't be able to walk. You have to reboot the server first, which obviously I can't do right now :)

    Give it a few more minutes, then they will put up the oh Mr. Maintenance sign, and you wont be able to check your tickets or the forums at all :) Ahhh yes, the fun we will have today :)

    After responding to this, I went and checked my servers, I usually reboot them every morning early. The website does not seem to be responding to your commands. I can't even shut my server off. Not gonna waste my time defending them, I've spent the last 2 years doing that. I can actually log into the server, but I cant reboot it at all. So in theory the server is working, but you no longer have control of it. Gratz, you just joined a public server.

    On your game cloud when you click the big + to add a server it will bring you to all the games available , if the game is grayed out then you don't have enough slots for that game. In your case I think its because you have not chosen the slots that you want to add. When you mouse over the game logo you will see add, but right above that you will see the words " Choose Slots". You have to physically click those words and it will bring down a drop down menu, choose the slots you want to add then click add

    Well the best solution is to submit a support ticket and have them solve the issue for you. This forum is a community forum, not tech support, we are just players like you and have no way to do anything for your server except give advice on problems that we have experienced in the past. None of the people that are gonna respond to post on here can do anything, and Gportal will respond to your ticket, but they wont see a post on here and take a look at your server because of that.

    Ok, this is a long shot, but worth a shot none the less. On the IP adress, there is a port, and recon port. Sometimes those two numbers are the same, sometimes they may vary by one number. 28515 28516. If they are different then tell your friends to use the Rcon port instead of the other one when putting the ip into steam. If that works then it should auto add to their favorites just iike yours did after you joined it the first time.

    When it hits 0.00% that's when you will get dumped. I'd fill out a ticket at that link I provided my friend. There is nothing else you can do on your end. They will have to fix that.