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    We want to wipe our current Empyrion server and restart it so all players have to start a new, I have been looking at the g-portal menus and for the life of me can't figure out how to do it.

    So are there any players out there smarter than me that can help.

    My thanks in advance.

    Is there any way to add RAM to my Conan Exile Server, if so how do I go about doing that?

    Thank you.

    Why bash G-Portal, they don't have any control over what Dev's do. Now when there is a service issue, that's G-Portal and I can tell you when it comes to fixing things and taking care of their customers, at least in my view, they are a whole lot better then other server companies out there. They have good support folks and quick turn around for tickets. Which is why my friends and I use G-Portal for all our gaming needs except for one. That's Medieval Engineers which they don't currently offer here in the USA, so we are stuck using Ping Perfect. You talk about a company that does not care... <X

    Hi and welcome to the forums. Have you looked at your settings, there is a setting named Player Count. Please ensure that you have 10 or however many slots you allow to play and not 1. Take care and if this setting is not what is causing please follow Gorgrak's advice and submit a support ticket.

    Nice info, yeah I went back and check it, it is set at 10 but could have been easily missed, thanks for the heads up on that one.

    Just rented a server last night after fighting with the folks at Nitrado for 4 hours on the phone because the changed my IP address and from that point on no one could play the game, after 4 days of this I said enough is enough and got a server from you guys. But now we are having issues here and its not been even 24 hours yet. I'll be on playing and another member of the team (player) will log on and it boots me off. this happen 3 time in a row. So I logged all the way out and let them log in. Once they logged in, I then logged in and it booted them. So here we are paying for a 10 slot Conan Exiles server and we can only have one player at a time logged into the game. So whats going on? We have players in the US and Western Europe so we picked a East Coast location to try and make it easy for everyone to login. Is there a setting I'm missing? If so please tell me so I can correct this. If its on G-Portal's end please fix it. Getting tired of paying for servers that don't work right.

    Thank you.