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    I dont have a sandstorm server so the steps may be different but you should be able to go to "My Servers" > Choose your server > "Status" > Restart or Stop > Start

    That being said, think you can tell me what settings/options you have on your own server?

    Thanks in advance!

    Is anyone running autohotkey macro's for there admin commands?

    I know its possible and is being used by many admins.

    Not very experienced with writing Macro's, would be willing to pay for someones codes or time.:thumbsup:

    A lot of people use a stream deck to auto-type in commands and such, maybe look into that.

    Heres every other new asset from todays patch

    #SpawnItem Cal_9x39mm

    #SpawnItem Cal_9x39mm_5_Bullets

    #SpawnItem Cal_9x39mm_AmmoboxClosed

    #SpawnItem Cal_9x39mm_AmmoboxOpen

    #SpawnItem BP_Weapon_AS_Val

    #SpawnItem BP_Magazine_AS_Val

    #SpawnItem BP_BinocularsTest (Name Change)

    #SpawnItem Pilot_Glasses

    #SpawnItem Round_Sunglasses

    #SpawnItem Tactical_Sunglasses_01

    #SpawnItem Tactical_Sunglasses_02

    #SpawnItem RK_Beanie_01

    #SpawnItem RK_Hoodie_01

    #SpawnItem Undershirt_01

    #SpawnItem Undershirt_01_Deluxe

    #SpawnItem BP_Advanced_Standing_Torch_01 (Name Change)

    #SpawnItem BP_Standing_Torch_01 (Name Change)

    #SpawnItem Slice_Zombie_Clothes_01

    #SpawnItem Slice_Zombie_Clothes_02

    #SpawnItem Slice_Zombie_Clothes_03

    #SpawnItem Slice_Zombie_Clothes_04

    #SpawnItem Slice_Zombie_Clothes_05

    #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_A (Blue)

    #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_B (Red)

    #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_C (Police)

    #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_D (Police with Accessories)

    #SpawnVehicle BP_SUV_01_E (Black)

    I thought I'd throw up a quick post as I'm sure like me other server owners would like to know how to spawn a car if need be.

    #spawnvehicle bp_suv_01_a
    #spawnvehicle bp_suv_01_b
    #spawnvehicle bp_suv_01_c
    #spawnvehicle bp_suv_01_d
    #spawnvehicle bp_suv_01_e

    Looking forward to the updated admin command/spawn list Brads been working on for about 2-3 weeks now.

    Your best bet is to submit a support ticket

    Click Support, then write new ticket and give all the information you have in regards to the error, I usually get a reply within an hour or so depending on the issue.

    Make sure and check your email for any information that may have been sent there.

    New servers take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be configured and placed online, if its been over 2 hours submit a support ticket so someone can take a closer look. I usually get a reply within an hour or so...

    New servers typically take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be configured and put up, if its been more than 2 hours click support, and write a new ticket.

    I usually get a reply with an hour or so

    I think that is the issue, seeing to as I moved over to a DayZ SA server the button works taking me to the DayZ category here on the forums.

    So I think its just a link issue some where! It should link to Scum

    Yes as detailed above the link is incorrect, an attempt was made to fix it once before but the problem remains.

    I think I know why this is going on.

    What game do you have hosted? ex: so at the time I had SCUM and now DayZ SA, the SCUM server when I clicked on "Community Support" under the server tab I would get a 404 error (My Server >> SERVER >> Community Support button) BUT now that I am running a DayZ SA server it takes me right to the forum / DayZ SA (DayZ Standalone)

    SOOO Payne what server are you hosting?


    New patch new reminder, the admin command/id list is now officially 5 patches behind, thats WELL OVER a month with zero updates whatsoever despite being given multiple resources by players to update it.

    Please GPortal, I've been begging for this since Oct. 1st with no sign of effort being placed into updating.

    If you look at my prior posts it was nothing but praise for GPortal, I was on the forums almost daily helping people out if they needed it but my desire and faith in this company is slowly fading due simply to a severe lack of effort and organization.

    You have been given the resources, hell I even offered to do it for you, yet still nothing has been done....its embarassing and unprofessonal.

    Please guys, just update the list.

    Edit: updated from 4 patches behind to 5...yikes

    Datamining for future contnet, yes, absolutely! One of the best parts of Alpha gaming.

    Being forced to datamine for administrative information that should be offered to the people who pay for servers and are asking for the information, absolutely not. In fact its unprofessional at best.

    Just wanted to throw up a follow up post in regards to the admin command and spawn list that is now 4 patches out of date.

    This is simply another reminder to please update it.

    Below are 2 links where all commands and spawn codes are listed, they were found by searching game files manually.



    Support was supplied with these links already and an update coming "soon" was expressed weeks ago by the devs as well as GPortal support....

    C'mon guys, its getting ridiculous...