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    Hello, thank you for your question!

    There is not a command or button to work in tandem with leveling currently, but at the top left hand side of the admin panel there is a button to gain individual Feat points marked as: +1 Feat. Click this as many times needed for the desired number of points. This only works for you.

    Thank you for reaching out. Currently, there is a bug for listing errors. Both Funcom and Gportal are working together to remedy this issue and hope to have a fix soon. I apologize for any inconvenience and frustration.
    For now, try restarting your server from the rental screen a few times and allow a full listing search to finish before trying again if it does not show. Additionally, try manually searching for your server in the search bar.

    The app is currently down for maintenance but while it is down, you can make a new account for the website and claim your server through there.

    If the problem still persists, be sure to state what you've tried in a ticket and someone will be able to attempt a fix from there for you.

    Hi and thank you for your question! Restarting your server allows it to refresh and correct some bugs, lag, or other issues that may persist. It's a great way to ensure better performance overall for your server while the game works through patching any unresolved issues that may be current in the game's coding. It will not erase any data you have on your server, as that is a different function entirely.