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    had this problem for a week where server slots where full and ping was 9999.

    After working with the fine folks here, I went on my own to find out in the server tab, there are 4 icons; start/stop, restart, trash, and cloud settings.

    Now make sure there are servers available for sale, as trashing yours during a "sold out" time will leave you server less till they add more. But, if there are servers available, trash it, start a new one on your cloud (free) and it worked. Had to do this twice, but my server is up and running now. Maybe a loading glitch when I first installed the server.:thumbsup:

    unable to locate server for ps4 listings. Made it easy to find "# PURGATORY" pvp, America, but hasn't been on the list for 24 hours. Even direct searches are futile. Timer keeps ticking but "game server load" is holding at -- for both cpu and ram... So I don't know. Any help would be appreciated.