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    I am thinking about making a PS4 server to run a ARK cluster, if i currently have a 60 slot server all assigned to the map The Island can i reduce the slots to that map down to 10 (or your minimum) and the use 10 slots for another map and so on until i have used all 60 slots??

    I am thinking about renting a server to play Conan exiles and Ark, Can i switch between these two games via the control panel , or do i have to rent two separate servers. this is for the PS4 versions of both games

    I am new to G-Portal and Conan

    From what i can determine the settings you can change from the game on the ps4 will only effect you

    the settings on Gportal effect everyone on the server

    the reason i think this, on my Ps4 i boosted my harvest and exp stats, and i ranked up a lot faster than my buddy and we started at the same time and he did more than me,

    When harvesting I would get Double what he got (I boosted mine to 2) and right from the start i was getting 2 or more of everything compaired to his 1

    This could be a glitch or something i am not sure....