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    Would be nice to see a "how to" from the g-portal team, I'm sure they will release one soon enough, having fun on the 3x3 now that I can make fur armor I'm not freezing to death every five minutes now.

    Hey there, glad you aren't freezing to death any longer:thumbsup:. The "how to's" are in the works. I believe getting the MODs in was a higher priority. There is a lot going on so please keep that in mind. I have been looking at some vids and code for the ATLAS Map Editor just trying to understand all the settings. You may want to review some of that stuff as well if you are interested in making custom maps. Honestly, I've been wanting to play more and edit files less so I would appreciate any guidance/tips/tricks anyone can offer. Thanks and take care. #tamedasheep:S

    Probably a complete waste of time asking this here, since obviously no one uses this forum , but Ill give it a shot anyway. I noticed there is no option in basic setting to change the speed, and length of days and nights. Any idea how I can do that?

    Hi Haddie where have you been? How are you? So what game are you referencing? This is the Fear the Night thread.

    My server is displaying a PING of over 1,000; and when I go to join it, it tells me that I've disconnected from the host. Me and my friends have been having a great time going through the game, but our joy has been stopped due to this issue. Any help fixing the issue would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. For your issue, please submit a support ticket and technical will investigate. Please don't be a stranger. Come back and post some of your adventures. Take care.

    Currently players have traped in freeport region :(. The boundary is red and none shall pass. Plz help;(

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. The boundary has to do with your grid selections. You need to have at least one border joining with your home server. Is your server set up that way? If you have it set properly and still can't change regions; then please submit a ticket and technical will investigate. Take care.

    I did the above process after much research and things are working perfectly. Would you like me to delete the Mods until further notice? I wouldn't want to cause any major issues.

    There are others in the community who have added mods with no problems. I am not asking you to delete them. Just warning others if not done properly it could cause issues. If you are not sure how to properly do it, just wait a little until the feature is available.

    2×2 no gems

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. Not sure about the grids you have set in your 2x2, but each island has different gemstones and resources. For instance one island I sailed to had salt, sap, coal, and fibers but on another island there was Lignite (coal), granite (stone), and coal. Which means you may have to change your grid selections. Take care

    Glad it's resolved. Take care and don't be a stranger. Would love to hear about your Minecraft adventures. I haven't played it and would like to know what you enjoy about the game. How do you feel about the pixel type game play? TTYS

    Are you referencing the weight or the level of the ships? Why do you think the capacities need to be higher? This is the makings of a great discussion and hopefully something the developers will look into since the game is still in Early Access.

    Hi, I played ATLAS all day today and didn't notice anything game breaking. There were a few rendering issues but not major lag. If you are still experiencing this please submit a support ticket. Take care

    Not sure with Minecraft, but with other games after you input the IP don't connect, refresh and then try to connect. Sometimes you have to input it and exit and restart for it to show in that list then connect. Hope it helps. Take care and welcome to the G-Portal community.

    The only thing I did was go into the Configuration Files tab, load up the GUS.ini, then added ActiveMods=1629667379 under [ServerSettings], saved and restarted all servers. This auto installed the mod for me. So far it is working perfectly. Hope this can help.

    Technical has asked that we hold off installing mods, some have corrupted their servers. Thanks

    hey guys, I have conan on ps4. I was playing last night and around 7.30pm it crashed . I checked on my phone and it showed the server was available still and online. I tried a restart of server and it wont show on the ps4 that my server is there. Any help would be great.

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. If at all possible please try direct connect either in game or on the STEAM->View->Servers and add Server info. Post back if still having issues.

    Is it just me or does the campfire do nothing to change temperature status? I have actually gotten so close to the campfire that I damaged my character and my temperature was still registering freezing.?(

    Hi Ghost, welcome to the G-Portal community. Thank you for joining our forums. I think your previous request was placed in a ticket, hence the community nor I can view your ticket. Please reopen your ticket and address this with technical. This can't be decided or initiated on the forums. Please post back with your adventures and updates from our Brazilian Fam. Thank you and take care:love: