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    It gave me that error as well. But you have to exit STEAM after adding it and then rejoin. ATLAS loads slow imho. Since I know that I just wait for it to advance. I don't hit space bar or escape. Instead I go get a fresh cup of coffee^^

    Note 1: Dang my character logged in less than 10 minutes ago and I'm already lvl 52!


    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. I understand you said you can't change your settings and need help. Is this right?

    Why can't you change your settings? 1) because you can't log in 2) you don't understand which ones to change because of translation?

    I will use a translator to help, but I need some more information as to why you can't change the settings.


    Hola y bienvenidos a la comunidad G-Portal. Entiendo que dijo que no puede cambiar su configuración y que necesita ayuda. ¿Es esto correcto?

    ¿Por qué no puedes cambiar tu configuración? 1) porque no puede iniciar sesión 2) ¿no entiende cuáles cambiar debido a la traducción?

    Usaré un traductor para ayudar, pero necesito más información sobre por qué no puede cambiar la configuración.

    Hello, I haven't changed maps a lot (mainly because I've been limited on the amount of play time). That said, I believe once you have them set up again, you will have to enter your IP/Port info into steam again. Be sure to remove your old server info because i think when you change maps you get new IP info. I also believe the in game JOIN takes you to the last server the game believes you played on.

    Finally, the server not responding will initially display when changing your Server favorites in STEAM; but if you exit out or refresh it should respond. Make sure the pop up where you enter the password is not behind the other windows. I have that happen sometimes too. Hope this helps, post back


    I may be wrong, but I believe it only shows that way for Official Servers. So you can have the settings but not the title, so to speak. Let's keep an eye on this and hopefully another community member will know better, than I. Take care

    Log into g-portal

    Click on My Server

    Click on the icon for the game server you have created for you and your friends

    Stop the Server then


    Scroll down to Server Password

    Enter the password you want


    Restart the Server

    Now no one can join your server without the password.


    Ok, I think I understand. You can do this by changing your cloud settings.

    First log into your gportal control and then click on My Servers. You will see and option that says Edit Cloud. The next screen will look like this:

    Change the slots on your server to the number you need to add and then pay the difference in price. You can now increase the slots you have available and allocate them to your game server for your additional friends. It's best to do this with your Server Stopped. Then restart after you save.

    Please let me know if you need more advice. Take care and don't be a stranger, come say hi:love:

    Now that you mention it lemans81 ; idk if it's something that just occurred. My character never pooped, then last weekend she started doing it. I noticed it after I'd built a garden, and it may be a mechanic that occurs with age.

    Hello there:) Welcome to the G-Portal community. You will find the file you are looking for under the Configuration Files Tab. Please stop your server->Select the Configuration Tab->Scroll down and find this file and Load. Change the setting to what you desire and then SAVE and restart your server.

    Take care.

    Hello Everyone,

    I echo what Gorgrak says. There is a huge disclaimer before purchasing any Early Access (EA) game. That disclaimer translates in my mind as...prepare to be frustrated and if not prepared to be frustrated then wait for the full release.

    I think the first game I purchased in Early Access was Naval Action. Even though I got frustrated with it, it is still in my library and I revisit every now and then to see what's changed. They have come a long long way from my first log in. So why did I purchase it? Because I felt it was worthy of my support. When I discovered 7d2d. OMG! we have wiped so many times, redo mods, had numerous server issues, tons of hours and a pretty penny invested in that one. The game is fun and I've supported it for a very long time too.

    It's all a matter of preference and the ability to stick with a thing to see it finished. I hope that we as a community have the intestinal fortitude to see the process through.<3

    Hello, there are several posts about the ATLAS Map Editor. The Custom Map feature is in the works. I will see if we can get a status update. In the meantime are you familiar with FTP and how to upload files to your server? Take care