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    Hello theorigamiguru and welcome to the G-Portal community. There are several things that will help in general server administration.

    1. Stop your server before making any changes. Remember to save your changes before restart. I recommend waiting to make changes until a time that you are not going to be playing. Sometimes your changes can cause your server to go into Maintenance/Update and it can take up to 30 mins before it is updated. Try to make all changes in the same session.

    2. Establish a Restart schedule.

    3. Don't go to crazy with high multipliers.

    4. Make periodic backups especially if you are trying something new or adding in mods.

    5. Always be careful who you choose to help you administer your server.

    Have fun and take care.

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. The slots relate to how many players on your server(s). Say you have a 60 slot Gamecloud. You can have 3 servers 20 slots each or one server with 60 slots. Take care

    Hello Jimmy and welcome to the G-Portal community. IIRC the most recent patch affected thralls. The change was directed at particular thralls though. Mostly Named ones that shouldn't be able to be captured. At least that's a possibility.

    Hi Wheeler1974,

    Welcome to the G-Portal fam :love:I don't have any information on the features you are asking about. Keep checking back for updates. Take care

    I just rent a Conan sever, but don't know how to make me admin to change settings. may I know what is the default admin password? or how can I make myself admin in this beginning?

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community.

    There isn't an Admin password set, when you set up your server, under Basic Settings, you determine what the Admin password will be. Save your settings after you set the Admin password. Next log into the game, once you are on your server in game, press ESC, select Settings, then Server Settings, a few lines down you will see Make Me Admin. Click that and enter the password you set.

    Take care

    Hello SiTreemba. Welcome to the G-Portal community forums. Would you submit a Support request. Technical will gladly assist you with connecting to your server. Take Care

    ~valar dohaeris~

    Hi, I purchased a new US.east server 64 man to be able to host Mordhau with low ping, I'm currently at Dubai and Im new at this with no clue how to configure the game and create a mordhau server, can someone assist me?

    Welcome to the G-Portal community. Submit a support request

    Hey G-Portal Folks,

    This is mainly directed at G-portal as a whole. This day and age digital wallet and currency is becoming a big deal. Being able to purchase gift cards or digital codes to add money to the service would be very ideal for G-Portal. This could be a great way to expand on ways for people to pay for servers and that also means more income for you. This makes it easier for customers that do not have PayPal or credit cards...they can opt to purchase an Amazon gift card than search for it on Amazon or visit the G-Portal Amazon Merchant page to get codes to load their G-Portal Balance.

    Hope the idea is something to consider. It would help many people.

    Hello and welcome to the G-Portal community. We will submit your suggestion for consideration. Take care