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    Not at all!:)

    So if you have a ARK game on your server and the you delete the ARK from your server, you still have a server with 20 slots, just no game downloaded on the server. If you are getting a message about not being able to add the ARK, you are most likely not adding the game to your current server rental but buying a whole separate server.

    If should be viewing your server list and click on Add a Server and then select the game and the amount of slots you want to use of the 20 you paid for to the server.

    They would have to create a whole new paid for Sony account. They couldn't create a Guest account and come in as far as I've seen. They'd have to pay for a whole new PS account in total.

    Yeah this has been an ongoing bug that randomly hits.

    The way I've gotten it fixed is to put the game to Offline for like 5 minutes, start it up again and wait like 10 minutes before I load into the game. It has something to do with a load sync issue I think

    You can Reinstall the game on the server and it will not re-bill you for the game. All you do is stop the game on the server and click Reinstall normally only takes like 5-10 minutes if that even.

    I'll let DCA handle this one. I'm not that strong on Mods honestly. About all I can suggest is doing a ticket to Support and see if they have any feedback or suggestions, or might need DCA or even daenrys7 to pipe in on this one.

    Sorry I'm not much help on this one. I'll practice Mods a bit more to get better at them for everyone.

    you dont add it as a total conversion, you add it as a map, once its installed and active, it w ill appear in the maps along with Island/Scorched Earth/Center etc :-)

    I thought there was some factors with Mods where you could do it as a conversion for the Mod? Or do they need to be added as a map like you mentioned above?

    Oh yeah that feature. The one with chatting with big chatting across the world about chatting chat chat....

    So unfortunately the world broadcast feature hasn't been enabled at this time. It is something they are working on, but no ETA from what I've on when it is coming out. I'm guessing (hoping *finners crossed) sometime this year?

    I think what you're possibly thinking of is the activation of this:


    Now quite honestly I am not entirely sure if that means you need to have PVP mode enabled to allow this to take effect so you can go through and just destroy things yourself? Maybe on that..

    But the last bit you mentioned you would most likely want to set the auto decay to something like 0.001 and leave things alone and then it should auto destroy everything after a few hours. Make sure you stay signed in for a bit since the timer is based on when you're in the neighborhood.

    its going to be in Basic Settings. Sec will Edit this in a sec to get the details for ya.

    There's 2 settings to take into account:

    MaxBuildingDecayTime - This is the timer for how long each piece has for Decay time. This timer does stack per piece.

    MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish - This will be more for when player don't show from how I understand this one. So I know the Official servers have a default of 7 days and then all your stuff turns to dust. I am not sure if this is in seconds, hours or days though. Things were not too clear on that end.

    Go into Configuration Files and load the game.ini file. Then use a tool or do it by scratch to add the changes to the items you want edited in the game.

    Well you ideally would use a tool like this one:

    This tool allows you to change the material cost for various items in the game. You would simply select the item, then alter what is being used and how much to make the item.:saint:

    This generates the file you would copy and paste into the ini file

    ; --- Gasoline (Benzin) <- You can delete this bit or keep it, either way doesn't matter. Its the rest down below that impacts the item generation. This is how I have my gas setup. Instead of needing oil AND hide, I just burn 5 hide to make 1 gas. For example


    Once I've copied the file into my ini file I simply Save the file, restart my game on my server and it goes into full effect. PIZZA GALORE!!:thumbsup:

    Eventually after time, practice, and a TON of patience (lots of broken keyboards, mouse, controllers, screens, etc) you can add dinos to maps that don't have them like this:


    This one allows me to add owls which are on Extinction to my Ragnarok world.8) Definitely use that tool I linked above. There are others out there as well, so feel free to try them out! ;)

    Hope this helps!

    You can't really add the account to the beaconapp if that's what you're asking about. The beaconapp is more for Nitrado directly. That tool is supported by Nitrado, not G-Portal.

    The app I was talking about is online to allow you to alter and create your own files to add to the ini files for the server.

    I think you might have to wipe and redo it man...

    You can try doing a Reinstall and reload the last savegame file to see if that takes.

    Can also try a Restore from a Backup if you have one.:/

    Other than that I think you'd be stuck doing a wipe man.:cursing:which totally bites.

    Connecting to a Conan game can take a few tries sometimes.

    I've had mine going 'lost' a few times before I finally connect.

    If this is a fairly on-going thing, please submit a support ticket so G-Portal can work on things with Funcom.