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    You can also try deleting your cookies, cache, and other bits on Chrome. I use CCleaner to clean-up my browser after I close it. You can do it manually, also, by going into Settings > Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data. Keep in mind, sites that would otherwise log you in automatically (thanks to cookies) will now ask you to log-in again.


    Sorry you're not able to find your server right now. When you go in game, to locate your server, have you made sure that there are no filters pointing you to a different set of servers (ie only showing official servers)? Also, have you attempted to find your server via a search function from the join menu?

    I don't play Atlas but these are things I would check or look for. Let us know if you're still having issues.

    Also, if you have alliances enabled, keep in mind that everyone will have to create tribes: only tribes can create alliances, even if they're tribes of 1 or 2 people. I had this issue on my server and it was as simple as having people create their own tribes.


    So I’m using the beacon app to choose what I want in my loot drops in ark on PS4. But everytime I paste the code in my game.ini and save it, it still doesn’t work. My loot drops are still the same typical things, not what I chose to be in them. What am I doing wrong?

    Hey Pogurt! Thanks for stopping by the G-portal forums. I would suggest you re-posting this in the ARK subforum to increase your chances of finding another user who has experience with the beacon app and ARK on PS4. No one will look for this in the General > Suggestions > Feedback about g-portal subforum. There's always an appropriate place for everything. ;)

    Why haven't I helped you? Well, I have zero experience with the beacon app or ARK on PS4. I will offer this advice, though: ensure that your server is offline when you edit the game.ini file or you risk corrupting your server and having to roll back to a previous save point. I wish you the best of luck!

    I just paid for a server on Xbox one. I can’t find my server. I went through all forums and double checked everything multiple times. I have a feeling my server is for PC not Xbox one. How do I check? And if I messed up, how do I fix it? Please help... gt. TLP Crazy

    Hey 381139!

    I would submit a support ticket to ensure that the G-portal staff can assist you. The forums are more community-help than G-portal service. You always want to maintain a level of security and privacy in regards to your account and information, so I highly recommend that you don't ever reveal too much here.

    Support tickets are very easy to submit and the staff are pretty efficient in regards to responding and resolving issues.

    i have tried putting this in the game server ini but they still spawn,not sure what i am doing wrong ? need a pro tip




    Hey 395218!

    You can try this tool out and see if it gives you the proper code for your purposes:

    Let us know if that helps. If it doesn't, we'll get deeper into detail with the code.

    So my server is going to be deleted the 9th and I am trying to renew it but, low and behold, it has gone missing from the "my servers" list and I am unable to renew my old server even though the email claimed my IP address and cloud would not be gone until the 9th. So, someone explain to me how this is a beneficial system to your customers or in any way promotes customer retention?

    Do keep in mind that these forums are for user-to-user assistance, not G-portal to User assistance. It's more of a self-help than a staff help situation. Always submit a support ticket with as much detail as you can provide to ensure that the technician working on your issue can give you the best level of customer support and correct your issue in a timely manner.

    Is it possible to move backups between servers. I have a server in Europe that I would like to backup and move to a server in the US...Is it possible?

    Hey 844164!

    If you use the FTP feature on your server, you can download all of your servers files to your computer, then use FTP on another server to upload those files. It's best to make sure that both servers are off at the time of FTP use, just in case something goes wrong. That would be your best bet for copying files from one server to another. Yes, it's a manual transfer, but it works. If you do have more technical questions, I'm sure one of the G-portal staff can assist you.

    yeah but this was like 40+ min ago for a 382kb update


    If your server is stuck in maintenance, which sometimes happens, submit a ticket and one of the technicians will manually reboot your server. Unfortunately, sometimes (and not just in Conan) an update file gets corrupted or other and prevents the server from restarting.

    put a ticket in because my rented server has been kicking everyone off and disappearing once daily. they said it was normal to do that for maintenance and updates. but if I'm on and it does it, a quick restart brings it back right away. anyone else think this is normal? i can see it for updates, but not every day.


    I know that for my ARK servers, I have them automatically restart everyday at 4am, when I know that people won't be on. Have you checked into doing auto-restarts which may take care of updates, too, when no one is on your server? It's always worth a shot, but yes, when updates and/or maintenance strikes, there's only one way to update a server.

    I'm now having an issue with my server having not shown up. It's called Mithra on ps4 ark se. plz help

    Sorry you're having problems. Not showing up how? On the public server list or in your private/favorites list?

    Also, keep in mind, this is a community self-help forum, so we'll do what we can, but if there is something behind the scenes that is causing issues, you'll have to submit a support ticket. :)

    Hi Silver Star,

    Standard response time in the gaming industry is from 24-48 hours. IMHO 5 hrs is way awesome! Take care.:)

    Agreed. I had to wait 24 hours in order to get my account back, and that was on several attempts. When tickets are coming in rapidly, which I imagine they do, and from across the globe, things take time. 5-10 hours is definitely a prompt response in my book. I've waited much longer.

    Very good advice. :) Cheers!

    Hmmm, that's interesting. I'm not sure about providing limited account permissions, but have you thought about setting your server to auto-restart after a stoppage? If you do that, maybe it will help. I think I will look into the permissions thing, though. Sounds interesting.

    HAHA thanks, I managed to get it through the game file. The idea is to make it so that you have to rely on interactions between other players who are able to craft things using the blueprints that exist in the game. Acquiring things is done through a kind of currency using specific kill trophies. (like rex arms and other such, each having a specific value) usually awarded for completing requests like at an adventurers guild. It was successful but the server was lost :(

    I'll have to start over and rebuild but next time it'll be better.

    I think your idea is awesome, to be honest. Make it more of an economy than self-reliance. Your server was lost? That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. However, like you said, now you have a chance, and more knowledge, to make it bigger and better. :) Good luck!


    This is a community help forum and the moderators here, as well as the other users, have no more information about specific back-end issues as you do. The admins for Gportal rarely have time to visit here to ask people to submit tickets. Maybe they could be more transparent on your servers status page about server maintenance and updating, yes, but coming here for that information will never result in a positive experience for you until that information is know by us, the community.

    I'm sorry that you had issues, I truly am, but as a customer of Gportal (and having rented from other companies in the past), it's sometimes how it goes. We do our best here to help out, as a community.

    Hi I just tried to install a mod, but the server wouldn't start. I removed it and am now trying to restart it but it won't. Where do I find help on how to fix this?
    I'm a super new Gportalian.


    EDIT it starts and then goes offline and I don't know why.

    For mod installations, you can check out:…_Evolved:_Installing_mods

    For the separate issue, you're able to get your server to start and then it immediately goes back to being offline?