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    Someone just posted on CPJet's Discord looking for a 4x4. He knows what he is talking about. I played for a short time on one of his servers. It is setup nicely

    So, I understand we cannot create our custom map grids. Does G-portal offer grids with all resources and biomes? Just asking because I would hate to not be able to craft mythical gear that requires 6 of each resource.

    So still no fix.. bummer. Can't even recruit people into tribe sometimes. G-Portal, please communicate with other companies that are running this game very well. Annoying and frustrating to have the simplest of issues that other server companies don't have.

    I know it is Christmas. So a quick reply isn't needed. Can someone from G-Portal explain exactly what we get when we purchase an Atlas server. What sector of the map do we receive and how do we get more of the map? How many slots do we need for each sector and a basic rundown of how much the game is going to cost for the bare minimum slot count for an entire map.. I have played official and it took, thanks to bad wind, 3 hours to sail on a raft from a11 to b11. I know there are special icons on the map in the middle that look like Boss fight locations. If we get a small section of the map, are those boss areas included? Just trying to figure out how to explore the lore and story progression on a G-Portal server if we do not get to explore the entire map, or at least the special areas. Do we receive a chunk of the map that incorporates the different climate zones or are we restricted to a certain climate zone? Questions like these have no answers. I am curious but do not want to rush into a purchase without facts. Knowing exactly what we get, grid wise, on the map will not deter me from purchasing. Not knowing will. If I know the facts, I could make a proper decision. Official Atlas is like Official Ark, grindy, time consuming, and well, looks like similar toxic Ark. Something many of us want to avoid while still having a group of people to play with. If the price is right, a group can share the cost for a complete map, even if large sections are unused. Having the option to explore those unused sections is what many of us want. Again, this doesn't need a quick reply since it is Christmas for most, and with that, Merry Christmas to the G-Portal community.

    Thank you,