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    My server, Manphibian West, is not showing the log. I checked it because everyone on my server is now on-shotting all enemies, to include bosses. I have it configured to reset every day and have reset it manually but this has been happening for the past 24 hours or so. It happened once before after a reset but corrected a few minutes later. We can't even take thralls now because one hit with a truncheon or even a fist cuts them in half.

    Yeah, it's good. Thanks! Is there a way to clean up the logs? The testlive servers throw a lot of errors so I am suspicious that might be eating drive space.

    My server, Manphibian West, is not showing correct settings when I access the panel through GPortal website. It is also not showing logs. I have tried to reset the server but it isn't responding. I also see no way to purge the logs, is that even possible?